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- The Issue of Abuse -

Love for Spouse


Most people enter a relationship for love, and that emotion does not simply disappear easily or in the face of difficulty.

Recognizing that love is not a factor may help. Abuse comes from the abusers personal emotional, behavorial and psychological problems. Abuse is learned behavior.

After a battering, the abuser often is extremely penitent. Because we want relationships to work we accept the penitents and the cycle can continue.

Because the abusers and/or the abused persons self-esteem is so low following the incident, the apologies and promises of reform are often perceived as the end of the abuse. (see cycle of violence) includes links to other websites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. and The King's Gardeners Ministries is not responsible for and does not guarantee any of the content on any third-party site. and The King's Gardeners Ministries is not responsible for opinions expressed on this website. Documents, articles and other materials are used by permission or are public domain.

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