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This Website unofficially represents a Grass Roots Movement trying to bring to light the unethical unconstitutionality of no-fault divorce. This is an informational site to support and educate those taking a stand against divorce on demand. We seek to empower those standing against this travesty of justice. Scroll down and find actual cases, suggestions and examples all available for your use. These cases are public record and may be copied. Please see notes at the bottom of this page. Click *.

Quotes from the Supreme Court of the United States of America

In Grimley (11/17/90) 137 U.S. 147, 34 L. Ed. 636, 11 S. Ct. 54 the US Supreme Court said "Marriage is a contract; but it is one which creates a status. Its contract obligations are mutual faithfulness; but a breach of those obligations, does not destroy the status or change the relation of the parties to each other. The parties remain husband and wife, no matter what their conduct to each other - no matter how great their disregard of marital obligations. It is true that courts have power, under the statutes of most States, to terminate those contract obligations, and put an end to the marital relations. But this is never done at the instance of the wrongdoer. The injured party, and the injured party alone, can obtain relief and a change of status by judicial action."

In Trustees of Dartmouth College v.Woodward, 17 U.S. 518, Wheat at 629, and 695-697. Justice Marshall stated "When any state legislature shall pass an act annulling all marriage contracts, or allowing either party to annul it, without the consent of the other, it will be time enough to inquire, whether such an act be constitutional."
Isaiah 10:1 WOE TO those [judges] who issue unrighteous decrees, and to the magistrates who keep causing unjust and oppressive decisions to be recorded
" When a judge acts as a trespasser of the law, when a judge does not follow the law, the judge loses subject-matter jurisdiction and the judges' orders are void, of no legal force or effect. The U.S. Supreme Court, in Scheuer v. Rhodes, 416 U.S. 232, 94 S.Ct. 1683, 1687 (1974) stated that "when a state officer acts under a state law in a manner violative of the Federal constitution, he "comes into conflict with the superior authority of that Constitution, and he is in that case stripped of his official or representative character and is subjected in his person to the consequences of his individual conduct. The State has no power to impart to him any immunity from responsibility to the supreme authority of the United States."

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Remember these principles can be used in other nations too

Laws - Appeals/Reviews Legal Responses to Divorce Listed by State

These are actual cases taken from public record

  Cases are pending in Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, Oregon, Washington Nebraska and several other states. Documents will be presented onsite as they are made available.

New Mexico

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Case pending before the U. S. Supreme Court

Federal Cases - United States Supreme Court
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Those who participate in this site are doing so as private citizens - no legal expertise is implied. What is onsite has been learned by personal experience and research. Legal opinions and cases are public record. Other documents are used by permission. Where documents have been sent to us we have done our best to give credit to the author.

It is our belief that the original intent of of no-fault divorce has been perverted and lost. No fault divorce is unethical unconstitutional and harms our society and world. We believe citizens need to be empowered to stand up for themselves against this injustice. We hope to empower those victimized by "divorce-on-demand" to search out legal defenses for the cases brought against them. The violations of constitutional rights and process of law are vast. Any country with British Common Law as it's basis may be able to apply these principles in your courts.

Make sure you check with your local court house to verify proper procedures and that the forms you are using are acceptable.

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