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According to Dr. Tom Elliff of the Southern Baptist Convention, and pastor of First Baptist Church, Del City, Oklahoma, this action is begun 3,571 times EVERY DAY, as uncontestable, unilateral divorces are granted, without reason, and without excuse.

If God put me in charge and commanded me to send a group of people to hell, it would not be the rapist, the murderer, the terrorist, or child molesters. It would be leaders who have the power to overturn no-fault divorce laws but won't.

Molesting a child is a very bad thing to do, but it is nothing compared to the destruction of a little child's family either by an adulterous and irresponsible parent or by a court that is compelled to reward the unfaithful spouse for doing so.

Beating up widows and robbing them is a cowardly and evil thing to do as well, but it cannot compare to the continual beating up of the faithful spouse that our family court system does for money.

The Mafia is known for its evil and cruelty coming to small business owners and demanding payment of "insurance" money in exchange for a promise to protect
them from the danger they threaten to bring.

How is that different from a court system that makes the innocent pay hundreds of dollars per hour for protection from the court system that threatens total injustice, loss of children, property, and freedom for the faithful spouse? And, what incentive do these thugs have to provide protection when continual robbery and injustice bring continual repeat business?

What would you say about a government that disallowed marriage? Or suppose it allowed the pretense of marriage but not the real thing? What if you had to
have a license to have a fake wedding?

If that sounds queer, consider the fact that no-fault divorce makes marriage unbinding. A fraud. A lie, saying marriage is more binding than it truly is. But, this government has no respect for the citizen's right to enter into legitimately binding marriage

Some try to pretend removal of no-fault will pin a woman into a dangerous marriage. Can a person with an IQ over 50 believe this? Fault based divorce favors the innocent and holds the guilty accountable. But, if a no-fault divorce is necessary to make it easier to get out of the marriage for the wronged spouse, let it be a bilateral no-fault where the couple can negotiate and come to an agreement. Then the good spouse can use the possibility of a fault based divorce to negotiate a divorce more fair to the innocent and the children.

As it is now, the unfaithful spouse often gangs up with the extramarital lover to intimidate, bully, and abuse the faithful spouse out of the house. Then they use a restraining order to take possession of the house and keep the kids, and apply for child support.

The faithful spouse is too injured and worn out from moving, from having a lack of emotional connection and support, feeling downtrodden, feeling rejected, feeling the loss of self esteem and self worth, and loss of hope in a government that will not protect the innocent. Not only are the faithful treated unfairly by their spouses, but they must endure robbery and abuse and injustice at the hands of a government they once believed in. America.

Suppose the faithful spouse goes through a deep depression but survives without committing suicide as many do. He or she tries to work but is obsessed with
worries that some stone is left unturned, that the marriage might be saved, and if something is left undone and the marriage is not saved, there will be a regret that will last a lifetime. Filled with anxiety, this faithful spouse is unable to work. He or she tries, but fails. A leave of absence is requested and granted, but upon return, still too much anxiety and depression abound. The faithful spouse needs treatment and counseling, but unable to work he or she loses the job.

An application for unemployment or disability is filed and denied, but the depressed and faithful spouse has no energy or hope or strength to fight. Court battles abound for custody and for division of property. The faithful spouse is kept away from the children, perhaps accused of some wrong-doing so full custody will go to the unfaithful spouse, so more support payments can be demanded, but the faithful spouse is still unable to work and financially impoverished.

But, the court may claim he or she is able to work and impute an income based on previous income or based on minimum wage, and when the assets are divided, most of
it goes to the unfaithful spouse.

The unfaithful are willing to cheat, so they might also lie and keep the income of the affair partner out of the income and expense report. They may take out loans on the house with family members and try to optimize everything for maximum support payments.

And sadly, often the faithful partner may be a military person returning from war, from risking life and limb for the citizens of this nation, only to have the pension split and be left financially destitute.

Retirement funds are tapped for survival, for payment of massive attorney fees, for moving costs, for replacement of so many cooking utensils, furniture, and so on that was lost in the divorce, and back taxes may need to be paid on the retirement fund used.

So, what legislator or pastor or rabbi or priest or pro-family judge or attorney is concerned and skilled enough to get rid of the unilateral no-fault divorce system?

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