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- Example of a legal Declaration Document -

This is an example of a declaration used in one state. It will give you an idea of how to present things you want to say or have others say.

Each time you send your husband/wife or their attorney something you need to have three copies. Send one to your spouse or their attorney, file one copy with the court house. The copy for the court house includes the certificate of service. Always keep one copy of everything including the certificate of service for yourself.

Check with your local court house to see if they have a preference in style as this form is just an example of what could be used.

The top part of all your documents is identical to the papers you were served with the exception that this one is called Certificate of Service (or whatever your state has for a title)

Make sure the margins on all your documents are identical to those on the papers you were served.

Pro Se means you are acting as your own attorney. You can change that at any time by hiring an attorney. They will put in their own notice of representation when you hire them.

The entire top part of the papers (the heading) is usually in bold. Make the lines of division identical to the papers you were served. The top boxes on this page are for example only.

Check the papers you were served for the proper footer. Try to learn how to do this in your word processor as it is nearly impossible to keep footers aligned properly if you just try to type them in on each page. Substitute your name for the attorney's name and put pro se instead of their bar association id.

Superior Court State of _____________

County of _______________


Full name of person who filed the action



Your full name





Case # (get this off the papers you were served)









Relationship to parties:




here is where the person writes whatever it is they have to tell the court.

NOTE: This person has to be willing to go to court to say these same things in front of the judge.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of __________, that the above is true and correct.


(Signature of person making declaration)

(Type the name of the person making the declaration under their signature.)

Respectfully submitted this _________ day of ___________, 200_.

By: __________________________

(Your name)

Pro Se

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