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Those who participate in this site are doing so as private citizens - no legal expertise is implied. What is onsite has been learned by personal experience and research. Legal opinions and cases are public record. Other documents are used by permission. Where documents have been sent to us we have done our best to give credit to the author.

It is our belief that the original intent of of no-fault divorce has been perverted and lost. No fault divorce is unethical unconstitutional and harms our society and world. We believe citizens need to be empowered to stand up for themselves against this injustice. We hope to empower those victimized by no-fault divorce to search out legal defenses for the cases brought against them. The violations of constitutional rights and process of law are vast. Any country with British Common Law as it's basis may be able to apply these principles in your courts.

Make sure you check with your local court house to verify proper procedures and that the forms you are using are acceptable.

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