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With Justice for ALL (quote from the pledge of allegiance U.S.A.)

This is an informational website offering support not legal advise

Be Proactive! You can make a difference.

(Telephone calls work, too. White House tel. no. is 202-456-1111. For congress, tel. no. 202-224-3121, and ask for each member by name...they listen.)

For those of you who are not in the U.S. take the principles here and express the same concerns to your own representatives. The public dictates the course of our governments. If we do nothing that's what will happen. Get involved in changing laws to real "family values". Together we CAN make a difference.

Each model letter can be customized to reflect your own personal opinions and can be sent to any representative you desire. We still do have freedom of speech.

Also included to supplement other documents on this site are articles for your use in composing your own objections.

Remember intelligent knowledgeable argument will get attention, emotional or completely biblical preaching will be ignored. Be wise in what you say and let the Truth of right speak.

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Bush Letter - about Children Proposal Strengthen Marriage

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