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Legislation to change no fault divorce in Texas

March 3, 2003

Dear Representative _________,

On September 20, 2001 President Bush speaking to a joint session of the Congress said “These terrorists kill not merely to end lives, but to disrupt and end a way of life” he went on to say ““Every nation in every region now has a decision to make: Either you are with us or you are
with the terrorists.”

Today I come to you with a similar challenge. There has been a war on our families and our Constitution for well over thirty years. Whether this war was the result of well meaning but grossly misguided Legislators or as some would say a carefully planned conspiracy to destroy the family as outlined in the Communist Manifesto, I will leave to each of you to decide. The end result is the same...our families are being destroyed.

Our children (especially those who will be able to vote in the next election) deserve to know which Texas Legislators want to try to protect them from the harmful side effects of parental divorce by at least requiring mutual consent before the destruction of the family unit and
which support the unilateral destruction of the family. It is time to stand up and be counted one way or the other.

Those who are for the family please help to sponsor or co sponsor or publicly endorse a change to § 6.001 which would require mutual consent before issuing a no fault divorce (see proposed change below).
Please also send a note to that effect to:
Lindsay Gerland
5237 1/2 Hwy 71 East
Del Valle, Tx 78617.

She is building a list of those in the Texas Legislature who are pro family which she plans to include with her survey results to various national organizations and media outlets. If you say that you are pro family but do not feel that you can endorse the proposed change please
send an explanation to that effect. Please reply by March 15, 2003.

Proposed Bill to amend § 6.001. Insupportability

On the petition of either party to a marriage, the court may grant a divorce without regard to fault if both parties agree that the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marital relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.

Prior to the passage of No Fault divorce there were people who both wanted to get a divorce but under the fault based system could not mutually decide to terminate their marriage so had to go into court and lie saying their were fault grounds. The solution was NOT to pass no fault divorce on demand but should have been the above suggested bill.

While Legislators in many states have “tried” to address this problem and tried to implement different ways to correct it such as counseling etc. What they have failed to do is go back and fix the very first mistake that they made passing No Fault, unilateral, court ordered divorce on demand. Giving the power and advantage to the person wanting to break up the family unit and no protection to the person and children who do not want the family destroyed.

It has been reported that according to the 2000 census less then 25% of the American households have nuclear families. Studies have found that over 75% of the divorces in this country are not by mutual consent....meaning that 75% of the married population is having the breakup of their family FORCED on them by the courts and the state government the vary institutions that are suppose to protect our society and our children are paying the ultimate price.

The children who lost their parents in the 9/11 tragedy have an enemy that they can point to and blame for their loss terrorists, and the Nation has responded to seek justice for them. My children look at the attorneys, judge and the Legislature of the State of Texas for the break up of their family. My daughter who feels that she was denied any voice in the break up of her family did a survey at her school to see what other students had to say about marriage and divorce. One of the
students when asked what if anything would she say to the judge said “I would tell him he has ruined my life”.

I am asking you and every other Texas Senator and Representative to sponsor and pass the above change to § 6.001. Texas followed the lead of other states in the destroying marriage and families in the country. Let TEXAS SET THE EXAMPLE for the country by being the first to OVERTURN no fault, no defense, family destructive Legislation.

The only people that I know of who will oppose such a change are the lawyers, judges, and legal bar associations because the more divorces that are prevented the less money they make. I know they are a powerful lobby group but please remember that you have a responsibility to the
PEOPLE of the State of Texas.

Thank you in advance for sponsoring/co sponsoring/ or endorsing legislation in this 2003 Legislative session that will help to prevent another family from unwanted forced governmental destruction of the family unit and the destructive impact that it has on all of our children and our society as a whole.

If you would like further information as to others in support of doing away with no fault divorce, more information on the effects that divorce has on children, the crime rate, academic achievement, drug and alcohol usage, teen suicide rates, and all the other ill effects of divorce on
the family and children I would be glad to provide that to you. Though I think you already know that you would be hard pressed today to find anyone except lawyers who think that no fault divorce is a good thing and good for our state and nation.

I can be reached by phone at (512) 247-4628 or email at or by mail at the same address given for my daughter up above.

Respectfully Submitted
Cherilyn M. Gerland Crittenden or is not responsible for any opinions expressed on this site.

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