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President George W. Bush

The White House

Washington, D. C.

Dear President Bush,

I received the following statement, which you made, today via email and have highlighted, enlarged, colored, and underscored a few words which grabbed my attention.

"The Declaration of Independence proclaimed that all Americans are endowed by the Creator with the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. [This week] we celebrate the sacred gift of life. We have a responsibility in America to defend the life of the innocent and the powerless. Our Nation has made significant progress in recent years toward building a culture of life. My Administration remains committed to the steadfast belief in the dignity of every human being and the promise of every life. Across our country, we must continue to encourage our citizens to make ours a more just and welcoming society in which every child is born into aloving family and protected by law. We will work with decency and respect to change hearts and minds, one person at a time. In doing so, we will build a lasting culture of life and a more compassionate society."

--President George W.

Bush in his 2005 Proclamation of the Sanctity of Human Life "defend...the powerless" I am concerned about how there is no defense for the powerless defendant/respondent in a divorce case in every state.

The spouse who files for a divorce is granted a divorce EVERY TIME, uncontested, and for no clear reason, except a desire to be divorced.

"a more just...society" My concern comes as a result of there being NO justice for American citizens who want to defend their marriages, families, and homes against divorce in court. It is as though the one filing has all the power and all the justice. Even our Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag ends with the words "justice for all. Something is seriously flawed with our system for there to be no defense to something so destructive and devastating to the spouse being divorced, the children, and society. Federal and state governments "pick up the tab" dealing with the after-effects of divorce. It is a "tab" that grows larger every new year.

"every child is...protected by law" Actually, the children are not protected by law when divorce strikes a family. The children are citizens of America, too, and an ad litem attorney should be appointed to represent the childen every time a divorce case comes to court.

Divorces should be granted or denied based on what is "in the best interest of the children", and all statistics from every source say that it is best that the family be kept intact in order to guarantee some degree of stability for the children.

Please give these matters your sincerest considerations and subsequent actions. Society suffers severely every time a family is torn apart by its number one enemy: divorce.




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