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"Away with no-fault divorce!" our pious brethren decry. " We must replace it with something more worthy of our vows! This is a great evil that has befallen the land! Why, to walk away from a marriage without reason nor cause? We must establish the facts in public record for all! For even in the Bible, I believe, I’ve found a clause."

Ladies and gentlemen, fault divorce is no-forgiveness divorce. This latest round of legislation seeking to replace no-fault divorce allows a petitioner’s grievance to be heard only if he or she can demonstrate that an actionable offense has taken place, the guilt of the other party. The parties involved are required to remain married, unless, of course, they choose not to forgive. From what I understand, this is to include adultery, felony offense and whatever else they decide to put in there. If neither party is guilty of an aforementioned offense, then no divorce can be granted, as this law is written. However, if one of the parties in this marriage is guilty of an actionable offense, then the aggrieved spouse is given opportunity to prove his or her case. Very well then, but understand this one thing. It is nothing more than unforgiveness! Don’t divorce unless you have a real good reason? Nonsense. Divorce is a sin, and if you think you have found a scripture in the Bible that seems to somehow excuse, tolerate or make an "exception" for sin, I can assure you now. You have misinterpreted the Bible. The Christian religion does not permit divorce and remarriage. It’s adultery. Once God acts on a marriage vow to establish a one-flesh relationship, that bond is until death. Not even the atonement can change that.

I lay the ax to the root of the problem. Adultery in the pulpit! No forced legislation is going to influence someone to remain faithful to a marriage vow, and until we hear the truth from the pulpit, that the Bible gives no "grounds" for divorce, we will never change the heart of man. The church is treading the blood of Christ underfoot when it marries people into adultery and rubber- stamps it as some kind of government covenant marriage. We must stop this charade once and for all.

And for those civil servants who would seek to strengthen marriage, there’s no need to make it more difficult to contract a marriage, or to put an end to one. I recommend the Legislature focus its attention on the Clerk of Court’s Office, and the next time someone requests a marriage license, ask that person if he or she has a living spouse. If the person says yes, tell the person no.

John Newchurch, M.N.S.

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