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When divorce papers are served do not ignore them. There are timeframes involved in your initial responses. Ignoring the papers just lets your spouse go into court saying that whatever they want they get because you have shown you don't object to anything. It's considered default and custody of children and loss of assets have happened because these papers have been ignored.

The first response to the divorce papers is the best place to put your objection in writing. If later you can appeal this objection is essential to show you have not agreed to the divorce but instead were railroaded along this ungodly and unconstitutional path. Irregardless you have the right to state how you feel about what's being done. Write your objection logically and with class. No one wants to read emotional outbursts and that kind of thing damages you with the court.

In this objection is also the place to state that there is another man or woman in the picture. Several states still take the part of the party with lessor guilt. This is not a slam on your spouse it is a statement of fact and should be stated that way. Example: Although my husband has been consorting with ….. since ….. I remain faithful to my vows to him and will forgive him and receive him home according to Hosea 3:1. You see how that is done? The fact is stated and is turned into a testimony for Standing.

Check in the rest of the website for available legal objections. There are so many violations of our religious and civil rights that they aren't all listed onsite. Please be patient as the site is expanded allowing for time to actually present defenses in courts of law throughout the world.

Another example of an objection is that the judge is being asked to make a ruling on an opinion not on facts in evidence. You see the rules of law say that rulings are supposed to be made on evidence that can be presented. No-fault allows emotional opinion to rule. In addition the judge is ruling on the future and that's impossible. If the judge or opposing attorney says that divorces are done where people aren't restored take in the Steinkamps books and Back on Course by the McLeod's. Gather all the tapes you can and have them for your factual evidence that each one of these couples stood in court and said they had hopelessly broken relationships. Bottom line is ruling on these grounds is unconstitutional.

Make sure you put your biblical objections. The courts ignore them but they have to read them. Plant that seed!

Normally your courthouse will supply you with the proper forms to respond to the service of dissolution. Don't be afraid to scratch out what you don't agree with. If you don't find a place where you can say you do not agree with the divorce write it in. If you don't want to agree scratch out the places where it says you do and initial each scratch out.

At the end of your protest you can say something like "I realize that I have no way to defend myself and my marriage so under protest I continue with this response." Then fill out the property and child information as necessary.

Check with other areas of this website for examples of the certificate of service you must include with your response. General instructions are with each document. Be sure you check with your local court to make sure what kind of forms they prefer.

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