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Violations of rights and law

1. The case Maynard V. Hill which is used to support the no-fault divorce laws defense is based in error.

2. It is unconstitutional to bring a lawsuit against anyone and not let him or her defend themselves.

3. It is impossible to prove irreconcilable differences or irreconcilably broken as proven by the volumes of restorations after divorce.

4. It is impossible for a Judge to rule on irreconcilable differences or irreconcilably broken relationships, as the Judge cannot read the future. The ruling is on an opinion not a preponderance of evidence.

5. Bringing a covenant/contract into court without both parties being in agreement to it being severed is a violation of law. The courts cannot BREAK covenant/contracts but only enforce the terms of them.

6. The basis of law is that the lesser guilty party receives the favor of the court. If there is no level of guilt proven then no ruling can be issued.

7. Religious rights are supreme over law, as the state has no right to interfere in a religious activity. By taking jurisdiction over marriages they have directly intervened in a religious activity.

8. On each license of marriage the state requires a declaration as to the origination of the marriage, civil or religious. Those who check civil bring themselves under the jurisdiction of the court system. Those who check religious take themselves outside the limits of the boundaries of secular marriage law. The State has no jurisdiction over these marriages.

9. If the state takes jurisdiction over the religious covenant/contract it is the courts duty to uphold the terms of that covenant/contract.

10. If the state takes jurisdiction over the religious covenant/contract it is the courts duty to establish the terms of the covenant/contract and not go outside those terms for any reason.

11. The State does not have the right to usurp a woman's right to contract.

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