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Statements made in the Courts

From Washington State transcript dated January 1999.

Your honor I contest this entire dissolution process as it violates my religious, moral, Common law and civil rights. I have an equal right in the law to require the court to keep this marriage in tact even though I have been abandoned without aid or support of any kind.

Washington State RCW Intent - 1998 c 1 says: "It is a compelling interest of the State of Washington to reaffirm it's historical commitment to the institution of marriage as a union between a man and a woman as husband and wife and to protect that institution."

Common Law supercedes all RCW laws and local rules. "Common Law - Footnote 14. No legislative action is necessary to affirm the existence of common law."

Under the Law I have rights that legislation cannot take away without providing a substitute. Constitutional and Common Law gives me the right to defend against the dissolution. To deny me these rights is to prevent me from asserting a defense, which violates the common and constitutional law that exists in this land.

I am being denied the right to recrimination as guaranteed under Common law, State and Federal laws, statutes and regulations.

Among other things, common law states that the courts must find in favor of the lesser guilty party. In testimony given October 31, 1997 by Petitioner himself I was established as the lesser guilty party in this case. Due process requires establishing fault and is my right under the common law, United States Constitution, Washington State Law and the Laws of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. I use the term Supreme Ruler of the Universe because the Washington State Constitution establishes that as our states terminology for God.

My civil, common law rights and religious beliefs should have taken precedence from t he beginning. The lesser guilt proven at the hearing October 31, 1997 should have been enough to dismiss this case as was requested then.

Washington State Constitutional Amendment 4 Article 1 and others say, "Absolute freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment, belief and worship, shall be guaranteed to every individual, and no one shall be molested or disturbed in person or property on account of religion." My person and property are being disturbed and molested because of the progress of this case. Progression is based upon a law inconsistent with the constitutional declaration of my rights and the vagary of an illusionary contract law.

According to the State of Washington my marriage has become nothing more than numbers on the bottom of a page. One-flesh lifetime blood Covenant relationship is what is at stake here.

The request to dismiss this action is based in deeply held and historically provable religious beliefs. In addition my absolute rights to due process, recrimination, civil and common law rights are being ignored to the detriment of my family and myself.

The primary issue here is not material possessions. It is the God ordained lifetime in duration - one flesh - blood covenant, which is supported by law in Washington State as inviolate. The covenant or inviolable contract between _____________ and _____________ now known as Petitioner and Respondent was established in proper religious authority and witnesses ___________. It is lifetime in duration and has no provision for divorce for any reason. It does not depend on the behavior of either party. No court can dissolve it nor should they try to as it is beyond the jurisdiction of civil authority.

I assert that the State of Washington is impinging on my religious beliefs to my harm, the harm of my property and my family. Religious belief dictates that if civil dissolution were grated in reality any other relationship sanctioned by this or any other state would be tantamount to adultery and bigamy with horrendous eternal consequences. No other One-flesh lifetime blood Covenant can ever be established according to the covenant laws outlined for this marriage. The penalty for unrepentant adultery is death. Historically this was physical death and certainly now it is spiritual death as dictated by a multitude of Scripture I believe to be true and infallible.

Marriage is the foundation of society and I have the fundamental right guaranteed by the Common Law, supported by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Washington to have my marriage legally supported and preserved. The State of Washington cannot establish a guilty verdict against me by finding in favor of dissolution or continuing with a process that will promote dissolution without setting me outside the boundaries of rights guaranteed to every citizen of the United States.

One-flesh lifetime Covenant law is the ruling authority in respondent and petitioners life whether obeying it or not. As ____________ wife it is imperative for me to honor the vows and commitments of marriage as a declaration of my belief in God's laws, the authority of scripture and as an expression of my own conscience. I believe that the biblical imperative to be restored to the spouse when a separation occurs is the only right and proper response to this marital crisis. The steps to restoration are clearly defined in the biblical text. If left alone without state interference our restoration will happen. Our God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16) but is known as The God of miracles, healing and restoration. Historical evidence proves this to be fact not theory.

The Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitution of the State of Washington and supporting laws demand that the state exclude itself from interfering in matters of religious belief, ritual and all other matters pertaining to their citizen's religion.

I believe that the state interference with this covenant marriage is tantamount to state interference in established religion and the rights to protect the institutions it represents. Marriage is the basic building block of civilized society and covenant is the eternal center of marriage. My devotion to my husband and my marriage should not be discredited or demeaned in any way. I am in lifetime covenant that is real and binding on both parties. For the State of Washington to assert jurisdiction over this covenant marriage is to usurp the position of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe in the lives of ______________ and ___________.

According to Washington State legislative action intent 1998 marriage must be protected. Consequently, I ask the court to strike the motion to set a pretrial settlement date. In addition I ask that the court refuse to interfere in the religious institution that established this marriage and that this court dismiss the entire action as requested October 31, 1997. Thank you, your honor for listening to me. or is not responsible for any opinions expressed on this site.

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