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Hi! I'm Cheyenne Marie - Nala and Nakita's "little" sister!


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I'd like to introduce you to my new little sister Cheyenne Marie! Seems funny calling her "little" because she's twice my size. She's only 14 months old so she's the baby and that makes her the little sister. I've been helping my Mom as what's called Mobility Service and I love my work but Mom felt that I needed a team mate that was a little bigger than me. So out to the rescue shelters we went once again looking for just the right furpal for me, Nakita and Mom. We looked and looked and found no one close enough where we could go visit. Finally 5 months went by and there were two possible friends at the Sandpoint Idaho shelter an hour and a half north of where we live. Moms friend Denise was here with her van so we packed up and all went to Sandpoint for the day. Gosh that's the same van Mom and Denise brought Candy and Lady in to see me when I got adopted!

When we got to the shelter Mom looked at a couple really pretty girls. One was a pretty German Shepherd that was 10 months old like I was when Mom adopted me. She was jumping all over the place but she did do some things Mom wanted. The other German Shepherd was 2 years old and Mom went out back to see her as she had just come back from a walk. She didn't seem interested in doing anything Mom wanted and she wasn't interested in Mom either so now what???

Cheyenne's story -

I had been at the shelter for 5 days. Before that I was found tied up at the base of a big fire tower in the woods where I'd been left. No one was paying attention to me and I was so thirsty and hungry. After three days some campers asked the lookout tower guy if I was his dog. He said no and that he thought I belonged to them. I was just glad someone had noticed I was here. Goodness how can they miss me! I know I've lost weight because I only weigh 70 pounds now but how can you miss me!!! The kind campers took me with them but I heard them say they couldn't keep me because they were leaving for their home in two days. They did give me food and water though and I was so glad. Next thing I knew I was at this place that had a lot of big pens with lots of other dogs. They fed me and gave me water and hugs and I wondered what was going to happen to me?

People came and went, some dogs left and others came and I wondered if I would have a home here or not? Someone said because of my "breed" I wouldn't be allowed to be adopted but I didn't understand why that made any difference. I guess I was going to a ranch where others like me lived but I really wanted my own forever home!

One day I watched as a nice lady walked past me and her friend said what about that one? The nice lady said no I am going to look at the German Shepherd and she didn't look. I watched as she walked on to the big pen at the other end of the run. Sophie came out to meet her and didn't look all that interested in becoming her furbuddy. Boy I was!!! Look at me!!! Look at me!!!I continued to watch the nice lady standing in the middle of the big pen looking very disappointed. She told her friend that isn't the one. She just stood in the middle of the pen and said, "What now Lord?"

Look at me!!! Look at me!!! I'm here!!! I'm here!!!

The man who walks us said "how about taking a look at Reba?" (I don't know why they called me that but oh well they had to call me something.) Denise said "That's the one I thought you should look at." The nice lady said she really didn't want a dog with a big undercoat like she thought I had. The dog walker man said I didn't have a big undercoat that I took more after the German Shepherd side whatever that means. :) She said ok and the dog walker man came to get me.

I walked into the big sunlit pen and knew that this was my Mom! Now if she would just know I am hers!!! She said, "Come here Cheyenne" and I thought ohhhh boy that's me! I went right over to her grinning and making my best effort not to jump for joy! She asked me to "sit" and I knew how to do that so I did. I know how to shake hands too so I put my best foot forward without her asking. Then she asked me to "down" but I didn't know what that was and I thought ohhh boy did I blow it! But it was ok. Then she took her hand and made a little circle by her side and said "place". Hummm what is that?? But the second time she did that I thought I'd just follow her hand and see what's up! She was sooo pleased with me and I got a treat! Hey this is good! She asked me to walk beside her and I did being very careful not to step on her toes with my big feet. Then everyone was quiet and I wondered what was going to happen. I looked up and saw the lady who was going to be my new Mom smiling and her friend was smiling. She said "she's wonderful! She's willing to learn and is obviously very smart." The dog walker man was smiling as my new Mom said "she's the one! She's PERFECT! "

Oh I was so happy and I forgot my manners and jumped and wagged and kissed her face all over but she didn't mind. Nope not one bit.

The next thing I knew we headed for another pen and I thought ohhh oh what if I did something wrong! Maybe I shouldn't have jumped and wagged and licked her too much. :( She said I was the one but we aren't going home! Then I remembered something about having to pass the Nala and Nakita test. I wondered what that was??? There was another man there they said could tell if we were going to get along or not so they must be talking about other dogs. Oh oh I'm not going home yet.

I watched as another dog came towards the pen. She was half my size, black and kind of timid. I found out her name is Nakita. She looked nice enough so when they brought her in I just went over to make friends. She wasn't sure about me to begin with but it wasn't long before we were just fine with each other. Was that the Nala/Nakita test? Did I pass! Everyone was smiling so I hoped I'd passed the test but then the nice lady who I thought was going to be my furmom left! Oh dear didn't I pass? What's happening! Denise is still here, Nakita is still here but my new furmom has left! Oh what's that I see, here she comes back with another dog! This one is Nala and she wasn't as happy to see me. The lady I hoped to be my new Mom said "this is alpha so she has to accept Cheyenne (I liked my new name) or it's not going to work."

Nala came into the pen on a leash. Nakita and I were just roaming around sniffing stuff. I came over to Nala and she didn't seem to mind me being around much but she wasn't as friendly as Nakita. Finally she was let off the leash and we sniffed and started to get to know each other. I could tell it was a tense time because no one was saying much and no one was smiling. Well I didn't care if Nala wanted to be boss. Didn't matter to me! She's not as big as me but I don't care, I just want to go home and be a family!

Finally Nala jumped up on top of a dog house in the pen and looked at me. I went over and touched her nose with mine and we just kind of looked at each other for a minute. Nala lifted her head and looked at her Mom and jumped down. That was it. She had accepted me but we had to roam around the pen for a few more minutes to make sure we weren't going to fight or anything.

It was a rough few minutes for the lady who is now my furmom but finally she said, well I don't think there is going to be a problem. Her friend said no I don't think so either. The shelter man said he had been in this business for 15 years and he agreed with them that he didn't think there was going to be a problem at all!

Whew I passed the tests! Nala had ok'd me and Nakita liked me! Could I go home now???

I was taken to the back of the shelter and Nala and Nakita went back to the car. Now what!?

Pretty soon I was brought into the shelter and my new Mom met me with big smiles and hugs and loves. She put the prettiest bright pink collar on me with a matching leash and said "are you ready to go home?" Boy was I ready to go home!!!

We all piled in the van and my Moms friends granddaughter Erin sat in the back with Nala and Nakita while I sat on the seat beside Mom. Boy did I hug her all the way home! Gave her big sloppy kisses too! Mom said her shoulder was sore because she had her arm around me and I pushed into her side hard giving her kisses and hugs for the hour and a half it took to go home. I wasn't going to let her think I don't want to be with her - no not a chance! I'm going home - I'm going home! She loves me already, I'm going home!

Now I've been home for a month and I love it. Nala and I are best pals now and run and play a lot. I've been to the Doctors, gotten over being sick and gotten lots of shots. I went to the beauty parlor too! Now I go with Mom to the grocery store and the hardware store and am learning there is a big wonderful world out there with lots of wonderful people in it! They call me a "Service dog in training" and I wear a really fancy purple outfit when Mom and I go somewhere. She's really proud of me and lets everyone know how special I am.

Mom calls me her big cuddle bug and I love her. We all take turns laying on the couch beside Mom and getting to go in the car with her. I've got lots of food and water and special places to play and sleep.

I'm so glad there are people who take dogs like me in and find us wonderful forever homes like mine. I heard the lady who gave me a nice bath tell my Mom that I'd been "a traveler" because my toe nails are all worn down. Wish I could tell them exactly what happened but it really doesn't matter any more. I have a wonderful new life where I can love and am loved forever

Hope you can help others like me - Your pal Cheyenne Marie :)

******** UPDATE**********

It's July 2008 and I've been in my forever home for a year on the 24th. Mom says I'm 28 months old and that I'm growing up whatever that means. I weigh about 90 lbs now and Mom calls me her big baby. People say I have finally grown into my feet but I never did think my feet were that big! CHEY PAW This is my Moms hand holding mine :)

I go with Mom everywhere now and she is so proud of me. I'm a Mobility Service Dog in Training. We didn't go out a lot this winter because we had lots of snow and Mom stayed home a lot but now we go out almost every other day. I walk with Mom in all sorts of stores and everybody smiles and speaks to me. I've learned so much! Nala and I take turns going with Mom because she is a Mobility Service Dog too and we just love going in the stores with her.

Oh I've learned that something called a "drive through" sometimes comes with cookies for me! I like it when we all pile in the car and what Mom calls, "go for a burger". The people are always so nice and the treats are yummy!

Nala is now my best friend but she's still the big boss even though I'm twice her size. We play "tugger" (with a rope toy) and run and play. Nakita has decided I'm to big to really play with... Gee just because I've sat on her a few times and took her head in my mouth! I wasn't going to swallow!!! <grin> Mom says I need to be more aware of where my body goes and not sit where others are laying or sitting. Ohhhhh I guess.... Nobody is perfect! But Nakita and I are friends and love to ride in the car and sit in the sun together.

Moms Aunty brings Nona her girl out to visit with us and stay sometimes. She's very old and doesn't like to play much but we all like laying in the sun and being outside together. You can see Nonas story here at the website too!

I love my Mom and am so glad she took me home. I love my "sisters" and all my forever family. Thank you all for helping us help others like we were. Mom says that with your help we find lots of other dogs and kitties wonderful forever homes too.

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Thanks for your help. Nala!