Hi I'm Nala Grace, Thank you for helping furbuddies that are like I was, abandoned, lost, starving and scared.

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Dale (the airdale mix 20-25 lb...male, 5-6 mo old. Tail not docked)  will be having surgery.  He is going to have the left femoral ball removed, his left ankle will need pinned, his right knee fixed and his pelvis will heal in time.  We are looking in the area of $900 - $1000.  Any help would be apprciated.  If anyone needs more information please feel free to call me cell 307-534-5005 home 307-532-8403 after 3:30 pm MST.

UPDATE - Dale the pup is out of surgery and resting.  He still has four legs  New xrays were taken today and showed a third break in the left leg and consideration was given to the possibility of amutation but at 4:30 when I called all had went well and amutation was not necessary.

UPDATE December 30, 2006 - Dale is now in his forever home but the bill is high and the family needs the help to get it paid.  Thank you to those who have stepped in to help.  The bill was over $1000.00 and not quite half is paid now. 

UPDATE January, 2007 - This will be the last update on Dale.  The last payment has been made on his surgery.  He's at his forever home and at his last check up was reported to be doing just fine!  Thanks to those who helped save this little fella.