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This is the "home" where Luna spent her life. Not one blade of grass or patch of shade other than what came down from a dead tree and a tiny bit her "home" provided.
This is the chain where Luna was tied. No one cared if it got twisted, tangled or choked her. When the sun was hot the metal burned and there was no one to relieve her pain.

Luna was "rescued" and taken to a "shelter". Did she have hope!?

Oh NO there is no room for her!!!

A forever home couldn't be found in her small community and now she is on deaths row at the very place that tried to save her life!!

Luna cried "Is there no hope for me???? What did I do??? I haven't hurt anybody. Isn't there anybody that will love me and let me love them?"


Someone is taking me out of here! Whoooeeee I'm taking a trip with someone who smiles at me a lot! Am I going to be ok?

Luna was taken to a no kill rescue where her new family found this wonderful girl. Look how she's smiling!

One thing that happens with the Nalas Fund Network is transport from overloaded shelters that have no choice but to end the lives of "unwanted" dogs to places where they have more time to have their forever family find them.

Wow look at me now!!!! I AM LOVED!!!!