Hi I'm Nala Grace, Thank you for helping furbuddies that are like I was, abandoned, lost, starving and scared.

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Dogs Life Rescue Stories

These stories are representative of the dogs this shelter has rehabilitated. We are happy to say there are so many success stories that we are unable to bring all of them to you. Will you help us make the dogs waiting for a home part of the happy ending stories too?

Nancy Van Allen Chief Rescuer


Nalas Furbuddy



Hi I'm Lupe!


Wanna have some fun!


My name is Guadeloupe, Lupe for short. I am a black Labrador type about 24 inches tall and a stylish 55 lbs.  My Foster Mom says I have the most soulful eyes.  I’m two years old and my birthday is June 26.  I've just come through a rough chapter of my life. My family didn't have me spayed. I got pregnant and my family decided they could not deal with my puppies so just days before my babies were born they took me to rescue. I was scheduled to be transported to a rescue in Denver from my home, I got as far as Missoula where my Foster Mom Nancy took me to the vet for my shots.  The vet said my babies were too close to being born for me to travel any farther. I never did make it to Denver!


My Foster Mom Nancy found me the greatest place to have my babies with Foster Mom Jeannette. I had a special wonderful place Mom calls a whelping box where I had my babies.  My puppies stayed with Foster Mom Jeanette and have all found good homes.  One of my babies is in Germany!  I've been in so many places and it’s been so confusing.  I’m with Foster Mom Nancy now. Everyone has loved me but now I hope it’s my turn for the people I want to love so much to find me and take me to my forever home. Will you come get me and let me love you?


Foster Mom Nancy says I'm a quiet girl with a good temperament. Mom Nancy says I look sad sometimes, but I am adjusting well.  She’s learned that when I reeeally want something I can look so mournful! <grin> 


I’d just love to come cuddle with you and if you’ll let me I’ll sleep on the bed with you.  I'll even sleep on your pillow with you if you'll let me! If not I’ll be happy just being as close to you as I can after I know you're all safely tucked in bed for the night. 


I love to lay with my head in your lap while you’re driving so we can go places together too! I am very fond of my Foster Mom but I want a home where I can love my very own people forever.  I’ve got my health and my figure back and now it’s time for me to go to your house if you’ll come and love me. I have been to the vet for my shots and I was spayed so I will be able to devote my whole life to you!


Comments about me -

I think she's the sweetest dog I've ever seen.  Lupe loves to cuddle and be petted, has very mournful eyes when she wants her way. She always rolls over to get her belly scratched. She's playful, likes kids, cats and other dogs.  She really is just an all around nice dog. 


She is housebroken and she knows how to open the sliding door. When it starts getting dark she comes in on her own, in the morning she'll go out do her duty and runs back to the door to get in. Learning to use a doggy door shouldn't be a problem at all considering she can open the slider to get in and out.


Lupe knows the basic commands and takes pills too without a problem.  I discovered that when she needed extra calcium while she was nursing her pups.  She is so willing to please.


Lupe likes to sleep where there is a nightlight on because she doesn’t like the dark much. Keeping a light on for her isn’t that much to ask for a lifetime of devotion is it?  Lupe is a house dog and needs to sleep where her people sleep. Lupe is waiting so patiently won’t you give her the home she deserves? 

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