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I'd like to introduce you to my new home buddy Nakita! Since my furpal Lady crossed over the Rainbow bridge Candy Kisses and I have been kind of lonely. I needed someone to play with and since Candy is kinda hard of hearing and can't see too well Mom thought maybe I'd like to have a new little sister. I love my Mom and I wasn't sure I wanted to share her with anyone else but she doesn't like to go roll around in the back yard like I do.

We looked at a lot of furbuddies on the Petfinders list and Mom talked to my people friends in Wenatchee too. She made lots of phone calls but we just couldn't find anybody. Mom was glad though because we always checked and found out the furbuddy we were going to go see had already found a forever home so that was a good thing. We almost gave up and then one day Mom saw one more photo and decided to call just one more shelter.

The Saint Maries Idaho shelter had someone we decided to go see. So Mom packed Candy and I up we got in the car and off we went on another adventure. Boy did I think I was going have fun when I got to the shelter! They had lots of cats! Wooo hoo lets play chase! But Mom said it wasn't polite to chase the cats and the nice shelter ladies put them all in another room. There was a big glass wall between me and the cats so I could watch them and see if someone wanted to play.

The furbuddy helpers at the St. Maries Shelter brought in Maxine and Mom and Candy watched to see what was going to happen. WELL!! Maxine didn't like me at all! (Go figure!) She didn't even want me to come up and say hi so I went back to seeing if I could find a cat! :)

The people at the Shelter kept saying hummm I think Nakita may be a good match but Mom wasn't sure. She wanted me to be happy but she wasn't sure if I really needed a furpal at home or not. She was kind of discouraged but she finally said ok bring her in.

I was too busy trying to figure out how to get into the room with the cats to pay too much attention when they brought Nakita in and she was really shy. She and Candy "talked" for awhile and seemed to get along. Finally I decided I'd go check her out. Nakita and I met in the center of this room we were in. We just looked at each other for a minute and then Nakita did something that made me really pay attention!!! She "asked" me to "play gentle" exactly like Lady used to! (Lady wouldn't play with me if I got too rough.) Mom said my ears perked up and I looked kinda sideways like Mom says I do when I am figuring stuff out! How did Nakita know how to play like Lady?! Oh well! We started to play just like I used to with Lady and that's when Mom said she knew that we were going to take Nakita home with us.

We have had to be very careful with Nakita because Mom said somebody didn't treat her very well and she was very scared all the time but she's better now. We run fast like the wind and play and roll around in the back yard. I don't think she knew what it was like to be loved a lot. It took her awhile to understand she had a special place here and was important too. She didn't know how special she was but Mom and Candy and I are teaching her that she's a real neat furkid! I let her have a "turn " with Mom all by herself and she doesn't fall down scared when she sees people now like she did when we first brought her home. That's a really good thing.

I still love my Mom a lot but she didn't like to roll around in the yard with me like Nakita does and Mom can't run so fast! Now Nakita and I have a forever home with Candy Kisses who teaches us both manners and we love her too. 

PS. In August 2006 our furbuddy Candy Kisses crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with Lady.  We miss her a lot.

Update December 2008

Nakita Louise This is Nakita Louise now. She's happy and healthy and secure in her forever home. No more fear in these precious eyes only love that comes from knowing she will never be abused again. We hope you will help Nalas Fund bring more happy endings to the lives of precious furry friends like Nala and Nakita and Cheyenne.

Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one takes a fee out of your donation for expenses. Thanks for your help. Nala!