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Success Stories

As Nalas Fund expands we are finding it impossible to keep up with the Success Stories so we have put out a representative sample of what Nalas Fund has done.


Nalas Furbuddy Nona


What a story for this older gal! Recently Nalas "Aunt and Uncle" had another loss.  After many years Freckles Bell crossed the Rainbow bridge and left a big hole in the lives of her "parents".  After awhile the Bells started thinking about another furbaby that they could love.  Since they are an older couple they wanted to find an older dog who needed them.

Nalas Fund started looking and found Nona hundreds of miles away.  She had been taken in because of neglect and then shipped to another facility so she had been in two places in about two months.

Shepherd Rescue here was taking a dog from Eastern Washington to the Washington Coast and offered to bring Nona back to see if she would fit in with the Bell family.

Oh did she!  But what a trial she had on the way! Hundreds of miles in a car with more strangers.  Two more temporary homes because in the first one on this side of the state a grumpy dog attacked her!  She really didn't know what to think of any of this but showed her class and gentle elegant style through it all.

Finally the day arrived where the Shepherd Rescue representative took Nona to meet the Bells.  Everyone was nervous but it wasn't long before Nona made herself right at home.  The reports were coming in hourly about how she was so cute and so smart and she did this cute thing and that one. One of the favorites was when Nona walked into the living room, took one look at the big satin quilt "bed" and plopped herself right down on it like she'd been there for years!   Looked like another success story for sure!

It's been two months now and Nona and the Bells are getting along fabulously.  She rides with them everywhere and loves going to their lake home to play and play.  Finally Nona has a home with people who will love her and care for her until she too decides to join their other furbabies at the Rainbow bridge. ITS NEVER TOO LATE FOR LOVE!

Welcome to the family Nona Bell!!.


Nona has attended her first social function!  She went with her new Mommy and Daddy to Saint Lukes Hospital annual Christmas party.  She was a huge success enjoying everyone and being enjoyed by everyone there.

What a wonderful success story for a dog that was considered probably unadoptable.


Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one takes a fee out of your donation for expenses.


Thanks for your help. Nala!