Hi I'm Nala Grace, Thank you for helping furbuddies that are like I was, abandoned, lost, starving and scared.

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Dogs Life Rescue Stories

These stories are representative of the dogs this shelter has rehabilitated. We are happy to say there are so many success stories that we are unable to bring all of them to you. Will you help us make the dogs waiting for a home part of the happy ending stories too?

Nancy Van Allen Chief Rescuer


Nalas Furbuddy



Shilos story -

(Petfinders Bio) Beautiful Shilo has a had rough go of it in her short life. She had been neglected to the point of her collar embedding into her neck. Painful? You bet, with such beginnings, it is no wonder that she is a shy lady and that humans have to earn her trust. Once you have proven yourself to Shilo, she is very content to curl up beside you on the couch and be your best friend. Because of her neck injuries, it will be a must for Shilo to wear a harness rather than a collar from now on. Small price for us to pay for her comfort, wouldn't you say?

More of Shilos Story -

Shilo came up in Dec of 04 with 9 other dogs from Dothan, AL. Nancy said Shilo was very scared when she arrived, that she actually belly crawled out of her crate.  Her collar was embedded into her neck as y'al can see the scarring in the photo on this page.  Under Nancys loving care she and her vet cleaned Shilos wounds and over time her skin healed but Nancy had to keep working with the mental/emotional scars Shilo brought with her. 

Nancy said it took her a few weeks before Shilo started feeling comfortable with her.  She thought at first that Shilo was scared of men but Nancy had a friend come to socialize her and she loved him.  She was scared of certain people, more of them men than women. 

Beyond that Shilos story is one that is repeated thousands of times. Thank you Nancy for saving Shilos life, being patient with her as she had her ups and downs on her quest for her forever home. After Nancy's loving rehabilitation Shilo was finally adopted in 06.   She's adopted into a home that has one other dog and a very committed and caring person.  She's in a permanent furever home now. .KUDOS Nancy!  Another beautiful dog rescued from death to live and love again.

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