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Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one takes a fee out of your donation for expenses. Thanks for your help. Nala!

Nalas Furbuddy Teddy

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A little senior Dachshund fellow that had been bitten by a Newfoundland/Retriever mix has been receiving medical attention and getting healed up and medicated.

He is just a hoot. He loves car rides and I have given him a queen size down comforter to sleep on that he rolls himself up in. You can tell he's there when he whomps his tail when you call his name.


Teddy has a special story note from his Foster Mom below his photos.  This is a personal note that won't be found on Petfinders.
Size: Small Age: 14 years Sex: Male ID: 103635

This pet is up to date with routine shots.
This pet is already house trained.
This pet has been altered

This handsome, adoring little man is in foster care recovering from an injury is the most well mannered, appreciative patient! Teddy's foster mom says he is such an ease to care for! He is house trained and excellent on a leash and loves to go for car rides! Teddy is not a yappy dog but will whine at the door if he needs outside to relieve himself.

When Teddy hears your approach he instantly responds with a enthusiastic whomping of his tail against his bed. Teddy has very soft golden eyes that are brightly lit with his happy personality. Teddy is very much a people dog, he happily greets his foster mom and dad with the same friendly enthusiasm. He has no preferences between men or women - he just loves everyone!

Even though Teddy should be 'under-the-weather' he is always the little gentleman and very sweet and happy all the time. Teddy appreciates a nap in the sunshine with his foster mom while she reads her book. He is content to lay next to her and receive the occasional ear or neck scratch and will roll over for belly rubs. Teddy likes to lay next to her and just have the contact of being at her side. He loves for anyone to scratch his neck and shoulders and just stretches out in a 'Superman' pose to let you know you have the right spot. He loves to cuddle up and watch a movie with her too!

Teddy is a super sweet fellow that is always at your side to watch over you but is not pushy or in your way. He is a gentleman through and through and would love to win your heart over with his polite ways and soft good looks and tender face! Teddy is in foster care recovering from a bite wound from a large dog. His hind leg is on the mend but he still has medical care and recovery time.

When you meet Teddy you are surprised to see he has an injury because he is getting along great and hasn't a care in the world except for giving you a nice hello!

If you are interested in this little fellow, please ask for Christine or Karen (509) 662-9577. Teddy is 7-9 years old and weighs approximately 20-22 pounds. He likes other dogs and cat in his foster home. Teddy is everything you want in a dog: a true gentleman, loving, caring, well mannered, happy, fun, personable, young-at-heart, social and genuine! Don't miss out on one of the nicest little fellows you could ever hope to share your home with! 


Teddy has been adopted by an elderly gentleman in Seattle and is now residing in his forever home where he will be loved and cared for.  Thank you for contributing to Nalas Fund so Teddy could give his love to someone who needed him.

Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one takes a fee out of your donation for expenses. Thanks for your help. Nala!