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Nalas Furbuddy Barron adopted 12-05
Barron 1

Barron's vet appointment went very well. He is not as old as we first thought. They estimated him to be more around the age of 6 years. His vet check went well. Barron has tapeworm and I treated him for it this morning. As far as dental work, he has had a recent cleaning and the vet didn't feel we needed to repeat it. He has a couple of chipped teeth but they had been filed and fixed - no need to pull the teeth. His hips are not perfect but he is not arthritic or feeling any discomfort. S is well aware and willing to treat/care for when the time comes.

I called S last night and she is coming this Friday for him. She was very excited and happy to hear the good news. I am sending him out for his neuter tomorrow so he will be able to go home with her Friday. S has a 9 year old German shepherd female that has been very lonely since their older male passed away. They have a toy poodle and Barron tested very well with a little female dachshund we have here and he is gentle around cats. It looks like he will be a good match for her.

S is very willing to pay for Barron's adoption fee and I can surprise her with the vet portion being sponsored by you and Nala. I can print out Nala's picture with a note of explanation.

Barron 2


Barron is now happily romping in the beautiful Mt Hood area of northern Oregon where he has his forever home with a family who will love him all the rest of his life. Barron was the first recipient of medical help from Nalas Fund but not the last.

Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one takes a fee out of your donation for expenses.

Thanks for your help. Nala