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2007 Featured Shelter

Dogs Life Rescue Recommendations


Nancy Van Allen Chief Rescuer


Nalas fund is supported by your donations administered through TKGM Nalas Fund non-profit organization. Every donated penny is given directly to deserving animal shelters and sanctuaries who have no other or extremely limited sources of funding.

Dogs Life Shelter + Airedales shelter was selected for Nalas Fund 2007 featured shelter because of the dedication and scope of this independent work.  Nancy networks with others and has taken dogs from all over the United States.  She has adopted dogs to loving homes as far away as Germany and Canada. Nancy specializes in the "unadoptable" dogs traumatized by hurricane, abandonment and abuse, and will take dogs from every state.  She has cared for, rehabilitated and successfully adopted over 70 dogs in the last 3 years.  Nancy doesn't limit the time she spends rehabilitating a dog.  Some of the dogs have been with her for a year or more before they are rehabilitated enough to be adoptable.  This kind of dedication richly deserves our support.

Nancy also transports dogs from location to location crossing several states networking with other rescue transporters and does it at her own expense. She is moderator for OTRA, On the Road Again, a national transport organization that uses individuals and truck drivers to move animals to save them. Nancy has placed dogs with forever homes in many states in the US and Canada! Nancy isn't a wealthy person and because she has proven herself to be have a genuine rescuers heart, in the highest sense of the word, we have chosen Dogs Life Rescue as our featured shelter for 2007.  Wont you join us by contributing a gift so this worthy work can continue?

-Personal Comments & Recommendations-

I had the privilege of connecting with Nancy during my quest to find a rescued shelter dog for my own family. Nancy had Shilo a beautiful traumatized German Shepherd that she was working with and placing. (you can see Shilos story by clicking on Shilo the hurricane dog)   Shilo had come to Nancy after surviving a hurricane tragedy and was terribly traumatized. Nancy and I determined that Shilo wouldn't work out in our particular setting but during our communication Nancy impressed me and I kept checking back to see how Shilo was doing.  Poor Shilo was returned to Nancy once because the people didn't listen to Nancy concerning Shilo's need to be with her person all the time.  Finally this year a wonderful person has adopted Shilo and she has gone to her forever home where she is loved and can love her own person in safety and security.  Without Nancy's intervention Shilo's ending would have been another tragic footnote as unsavable victim of the hurricane.  Thank you Nancy for loving Shilo and others back to physical, emotional and mental health. S.L. Gardner

We thought y'al would like to see some of the comments made by people who know Nancy Van Allen's work at Dogs Life Rescue.


".... She is a very dedicated, compassionate and committed animal caretaker.  She usually puts the care of her animals ahead of herself and has brought many dogs in to our clinic for medical treatment."

Personal recommendation -

"Nancy's rescue talent is rehabilitating dogs that many others may find unadoptable.  Nancy will keep them with her in her home, crate- and house-training them, socializing them with other dogs and people, until they become adoptable!  Our beloved Ben is one of those.

I also appreciate the fact that Nancy will rescue mixed breeds rather than sticking with the pedigreed purebreds.  As mentioned above,  all three of the "kids" we have adopted from Nancy are mixes and could not possibly be more loveable."

This recommendation goes on to say that she has helped Nancy transport rescues, fosters, or dogs headed for forever homes.  She also verifies that Nancy has an adoption process that aims at "a placement that is best for the dogs rather than the humans."

Note - someone who places the atmosphere of the dogs above the wants and emotions of well meaning people shows this agency that Nancy is an exemplary example of responsible rescue workers.

Professional recommendation-

I am happy to write a recommendation for Nancy Van Allen and her admirable rescue work.  Her dedication and commitment are rare attributes in rescue persons these days.

I have been fortunate to work with Nancy for a few years now... I have also been impressed by her willingness to take ill, senior, and generally dogs that seem to be low adoption candidates and work with them to help them find that perfect forever home.  She has saved many a dog from deaths door, allowed them to blossom, and placed them when they are ready.  Not all rescues operate like this.  Many are glory seekers, many come and go, but Nancy has done this for a long time and will continue to help needy dogs as long as she is able I'm sure.

I've worked in rescue/animal welfare for almost 30 years now and have met many different types of rescue folks.  Nancy is among the best, and it pleases me that she considers me a friend.  She is honest, doesn't play games when animals lives are concerned and does her best to help as many as she can.

I cannot think of another person more deserving of some assistance and recognition."

Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one at Nalas Fund takes a fee out of your donation for expenses. Be sure to notate your donation for Nalas Fund. Thank you. :)





Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one at Nalas Fund takes a fee out of your donation for expenses. For your convenience we offer several ways to donate


Personal donations can be made at Pet Vittles N. 919 Argonne Rd, Spokane Valley, Washington, and at A-1 Animal Care N. 101 Argonne, Suite F Spokane Valley, WA 99212.


Donations can also be sent directly to Nalas Fund at American West Bank, 15606 East Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99037 through any bill paying or online banking service. Electronic transfers can be made to Nalas Fund account 1000 603 678 routing number 125 107 037.  Be sure to notate your donation for Nalas Fund. Thank you. :)


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