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Hi I'm Nala Grace, Thank you for helping furbuddies that are like I was, abandoned, lost, starving and scared. This is my story written by my Furmom Sandy.


Nala was saved from certain death in the summer of 2005 thanks to the Wenatchee Humane Society, Wenatchee Washington, US.

Nala was found wandering wild and starving in a remote town in north central Washington State.  She was little more than a pup and had been on her own for no one knows how long.

Nala was brought in and placed on the shelters list of adoptables after her quarantine period and after they had helped her fatten up. I saw her on the list of hundreds from all around the region and made inquiries only to find she'd been placed on a hold list for some people coming from another town to see her and a couple other dogs.  I asked if I could be placed on a backup list and found there wasn't one but I was told that I could call the next day in the afternoon to see if she had been taken. 

Anticipation and nerves ran high as I waited for the news if she was gone or not.  At 12:01 p.m. the next day I made the call and found that the other people hadn't wanted Nala after all!  I let out a great sigh of relief and said put her on hold I'll be there tomorrow!  My girlfriend had a van and had volunteered to drive the several hours so that I could take my two elder English Springer Spaniels along in comfort.  I needed to make sure that Nala, Lady and Candy Kisses would all like each other.


The next morning bright and early Candy, Lady and my girlfriends Golden Cocker Tuffy were all loaded into her van for the trip.  Map Quest directions in hand we headed out.  The trip was uneventful except for getting lost once we reached Wenatchee (thank heavens for cell phones).


We entered the Wenatchee shelter to find a wonderful facility clean and bright with people who obviously cared for the animals a great deal.  We were taken to one of the kennel rows where Nala was being kept.  She was in the very last kennel.  I saw her laying way in the back of the kennel on a clean towel.  She didn't get up but just looked at me.  I said her name and one of her ears perked up (the other one couldn't stand up yet.)  She came over to the kennel gate and sniffed my fingers.


The kennel lady said they had an outdoor enclosure where I could introduce the other dogs to her so Nala was put on a lead which she didn't like at all and out we went.  My friend had taken all three of our dogs into the enclosure already.  Nala was introduced into the run and all the dogs "meeted and greeted" without incident.  That was a very good sign.  I sat on a bench across the enclosure watching to see if Nala was going to pick me.  I wanted her to come to me without prompting. I wanted her to pick me so I knew she wanted me and no one else.  My friend and the kennel lady were also in the enclosure so we had three people and 4 dogs in the enclosure. I sat on a bench at the far end of the kennel and said nothing.  Nala walked the perimeter of the enclosure and then over to me completely ignoring the other two people she could have chosen that were closer to her.  She looked up at me and then laid her head on my leg and left it there looking up with big sad eyes but not removing her muzzle from my leg.  Yep I was chosen! Through teary eyes I told the lady she picked me.  Can I take her home now?


The answer was no. The policy was to have the dogs surgery done after they are adopted so I had to return home without her and because it was Saturday I wouldn't be able to get her until the following Wednesday.  I left Nala with a blanket from her new home and a couple toys hoping she would understand she hadn't been rejected once again. 


All weekend we waited in anticipation.  I called Monday to see how she'd come through the surgery and got some wonderful news!  They had been able to schedule Nala in surgery very early in the morning and if I wanted to come get her that day I could get her directly from the vet and bring her home!  I was assured that she would be ok to travel as her surgery was already completed and she was doing just fine!


Oh my did I move fast to make sure everything was prepared for her.  I called our local vet to let him know I was going to get her and made arrangements for her if there was anything she needed. Then off I went to make the journey to Wenatchee one more time.  I arrived at the shelter late in the afternoon and got all the paperwork finalized.  Then I was given instructions (gulp not another map!) on how to get to the vet.

I arrived at the Vets office and was told that Nala had no complications and was ready to go.  They said she was no more than 10 months old and gave me her paperwork.  They brought her out and when she saw me she wagged her tail!  It was a very long ride home and we made several stops along the way so she could stretch her legs and take care of business. 


What we didn't know is that even with all the wonderful preventative measures the shelter provided her Nala had contracted kennel cough. Two days after arriving home she was in the hospital.  What a time she had but she came through just fine and was home in another day where she made a complete recovery with no long term ill effects.

Nala now resides in Spokane Valley Washington in her forever home where she has learned that she doesn't have to be "wild" any more.  In late 2006 Nala started training to be a mobility service dog for her "Mom" and is doing wonderfully.  Early on I was told that she would never make it because of her "feral" background but she's proven them all wrong.  I didn't care, if she washed out it wouldn't have made a bit of difference to me.  However just in the first few months of her public training Nala has proven she is a wonderful partner and ambassador for service dogs.  Nala sports her service dog "in training" vest with dignity and although still in training is a wonderful example of what happens when a "cast off" is saved. 

Nala still comes and lays her head on my leg like she did that first day but now her eyes aren't full of despair they are full of the glow of love that being secure in her forever home has brought.

Early on Nala and her family found out that WHS didn't have a way to fund the special medical needs of her fur friends in Wenatchee. Nalas "Mom" started a fund administered through the Wenatchee Humane Society to meet special medical needs so her doggy buddies at WHS can all find good homes like she did. Too many good dogs were going unadopted because of sometimes even minor medical problems. Dogs that were otherwise awesome furbuddies.  That's how Nalas Fund was started. From that point Nalas fund helped to meet an emergency need that included horses that were found near death in north central Washington State in 2006.

Now Nalas Fund is a registered non-profit organization, administered through the parent independent non-profit organization established in 1982 and takes no fee for the service. We are always expanding to aid in meeting needs for animals by support of an independent shelters and sanctuaries that have accepted animals from all over the United States.  We looked for private no-kill shelters and sanctuaries who had a proven record of rescues and have no other or limited aid for their good work. 

Nala hopes you will help her save the lives of other furry friends who need help to be adopted or live healthy lives while their families are experiencing hard times.  These animal partners want to be, loving and loved in their own forever homes.  Our featured shelters and sanctuaries are known for taking the dogs that other shelters can't handle, restoring them to health mentally and physically then finding good homes for them.  See more at .

Update 2009, Nala is now an accomplished mobility service dog going with me where ever I ask and exhibiting extraordinary patience in the emergency medical situations we’ve encountered where she had to wait in Doctors offices sometimes for 6 hours patiently waiting for the crisis to be resolved. She has literally put her life on the line protecting me from an attacking dog encountered while we were out walking. Nala is a prime example that writing off any dog is a mistake. She not only is a good mobility dog and protector but she's a wonderful service dog ambassador lovingly greeting adults and children alike when released to "play".

Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one at Nalas Fund takes a fee out of your donation for expenses.