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Legal helps & Links for Owners of Service Dogs

Nala Grace

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SERVICE DOG LAWS AND LINKS - Our thanks goes out to G-no Bianchi for his generous contribution to help people with the legal maze that sometimes comes from having a service animal.

Here is his bio -

I have been working with the ADA for 11 years as a special investigator. Five years ago I have a major stroke and had to go on disability. I have managed to keep my commission active as a Volunteer. I have been advising people on service dogs for a long time. I have been to court as an expert witness and have NEVER lost a case concerning accessibility of a Service Animal. …I helped a man in Houston with his Service Horse!!! New Orleans with a monkey!!!

I’ve been to court against Denny's and Howard Johnsons. I'm in a
pending case with the Best Western Hotel systems. I know what I am doing and will NOT charge anyone for anything associated with my help.

… Let me research and post the correct statues that cover everybody in this US of A. Then when you are Challenged contact the Governors
office in the state you reside in. They all have a committee for the disabled. Let them know that you will not tolerate any further
problems concerning your rights.


As promised here are a few web sites that you may go to and access
information about Federal Law governing Service Animals.

This is a nice site that tells businesses that they have to allow you access>

Now if you go to your "search" window and enter Service Animals you
will see a ton of areas giving all kinds of information about Service Animals. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ HERE!!!

The main laws are written by the United States Department of
Justice. They say what the different states are allowed to do and
not do. Federal Law always OVERRIDES and state, county, city laws.

Here is a toll free telephone number to call the ADA at the
Department of Justice: 1-800-514-0301 they will direct you to web
sites that show the actual laws and when they were enacted. There
are also people their that will assist you, as a disabled person, with anything supporting you RIGHT to be assisted by a Service Animal.

Thanks for your help. Nala!