Hi I'm Nala Grace, Thank you for helping furbuddies that are like I was, abandoned, lost, starving and scared.

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Nancy Van Allen - Chief Rescuer

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Comments and Recommendations Rescuing Hurricane Dogs

     Will you help us save and move hurt and abandoned animals from the cold lonely places to places of love and warmth. Will you help us help us restore animals from sickness to health and loving homes?

Nalas Furbuddies at Petfinders Shilo the hurricane dog
    Dale our emergency dog.
Little Mikey got a home! Shaker is sooo cute!
Honey is so sweet! Success Story times 3!!!
Lupe found a home! Leonardo and Company 
Romeo found his family to love!   Thanks to YOU we have helped many many more :)

Unadoptable dogs are kept at this rescue and others for the duration of their lives where they are given a loving home until their time here ends.

Nancy and our other sponsored individuals lovingly restore traumatized animals to physical and mental health so they can be placed no matter how long it takes. It is not unusual to have worked with many dogs for over a year to get them to a place where they can join a loving home.

December Rescues, Fosters and Transports

Dogs still in rescue Notes age came from
Curly flat coated retriever May not be adoptable 8-10 Casper, WY
Sadie Sue terrier mix  should be adoptable 8-10 Casper, WY
Pooky soft coated wheaten Needs surgery, then should be adoptable
Hiawathe, KS
Tootsie boxer need to move to pure bred rescue
Boo lab/corgi not adoptable
Coeur d'Alene
Opal lab/corgi not adoptable
Coeur d'Alene
Lily lab/heeler not adoptable
Casper, WY
Sandy labradoodle still needs to be worked with
Hayden, ID
Jeb chocolate lab  may not be adoptable
Salt Lake City, UT
Lucky dalmatian several weeks
Gladys heeler mix a week
Ralph heeler mix several weeks
Shelly am staff several week ends
Rags cat a week
FooFoo rabbit a week
Jazzy st bernard overnighted

Here is a sample of the transports done by Nancy VanAllen on her leg of the nation wide transports she coordinates from Dogs Life Rescue.

date from to passenger(s) total Dogs Life adopted
01/14/07 Helena, MT New Castle, WY Scooter 1
1/12-1/13/07 Billings, MT Missoula, MT Buddy,  airedale 1
01/27/07 Missoula, MT Lookout Pass Sydney 1
02/10/07 Rapid City, SD Anaconda, MT 4 small dogs, part of a hoarding situation 4
02/10/07 Drummond, MT Missoula, MT Cookie, labradoodle 1
Sagle, ID Cirrus, Giant Malamute,  1
02/17/07 Anaconda, MT Moses Lake, WA 1 cat 1
Moscow, ID Missoula, MT Belle, labradoodle 1
Coeur d'Alene, ID St. Regis Shelley, american staffordshire terrier 1
02/24/07 Missoula, MT Coeur d'Alene, ID Buddy,  airedale 1
Post Falls, ID St. Regis Chloe, dalmation 1
3/26-28/07 Albert Lee, MN Spokane, WA 4 paps 4
03/19/07 Rexford, MT Denver, CO 2 cats to new home 2
Butte, MT Missoula, MT Sandy, picked up returned from adopter 1
03/25/07 Casper, WY Missoula, MT Elsie, saint bernard mix 1
04/07/07 Missoula, MT St. Regis Elsie to foster home
04/14/07 Salt Lake City, UT Missoula, MT Zeke, terrier mix, 13 years old 1
Jeb, chocolate lab, 10 years old 1 paps
St. Regis, MT Rags, cat 1
St. Regis, MT FooFoo, rabbit 1
4/21-4/22/07 Omaha, NE Missoula, MT Pooky, soft coated wheaten terrier 1
04/28/07 Billings, MT Athena, OR Nakita, akita 1
5/12-5/13/07 Spokane, WA Kansas City, MO Jazzie, saint bernard 1
Missoula, MT Bozeman, MT Freda, malamute 1
05/19/07 Post Falls, ID St. Regis Red, chow cross 1
05/21/07 Anaconda, MT Missoula, MT Tinker, chi 1
Anaconda, MT Missoula, MT Whiskey, long haired doxie 1
05/22/07 Missoula, MT Big Fork, MT continued on to get Whiskey to rescue
05/28/07 St. Regis, MT Missoula, MT/Luverne, MN Red, chow cross, continuing on to rescue
05/30/07 Deerlodge, MT Missoula, MT Cooper, airedale mix 1
Snazzy, scotty cross 1
Tavie, airedale 1
e Sioux Falls, SD Anaconda, MT Mark, 2 other small dogs 3
6/10-11-12/2007 Casper, WY Spokane, WA Bonnie 1
Dak, husky 1
7/8-9/07 Albequerque, NM Missoula, MT Jackpot & Sandy, spaniel mixes 2
Pueblo, CO Shorty 1
Gillette, WY Missoula, MT Zoey, boxer 1
Pocatello, ID Missoula, MT Romeo, pom 1
8/3-4-5/07 Glendive, MT Gainseville, FL Pepper, german shorthaired pointer 1
Benton, IL Gainseville, FL Clyde, german shorthair pointer 1
9/6-7-8/07 Des Moines, IA Frenchtown & Troy, MT 4 bassets 4
Rapid City, SD Denver, CO Boogie, airedale 1
09/15/07 Casper, WY Missoula, MT Daisy, boston terrier/pug 1
Curly, flat coated retriever 1
Sadie Sue, terrier/chi 1
Anaconda, MT Cash, blood donor 1
St. Regis Blackie, cat, Miss Kitty, cat, Bunny, cat 3
10/6-7/07 Boise, ID Billings, MT Bruno 1
october Los Angeles, CA St. Regis MT Christopher & Pongo, picked up at airport and overnighted and moved to St. Regis, next day 2
November Los Angeles, CA St. Regis MT Rocky, picked up at airport and overnight and moved to St. Regis 1
11/24-25/07 Deary, ID Calgary, AB 4, catahoula cross dogs 4
Anaconda, MT Missoula, MT Tootsie, boxer 1
12/01/07 Great Falls, MT Spokane, WA Magic, malamute 1
Missoula, MT Coeur d'Alene, ID acd 1
Glasgow, MT Deer Park, WA Cissy, saint bernard 1
12/01/07 Kalispell, MT Anaconda, MT Duke, weim 1
12/7-8/07 Beach, ND Calgary, AB 2 dogs 2
12/8-9/07 Anaconda, MT Glendive, MT Duke, weim
12/14-15/07 Helena, MT Sioux Falls, SD Sharpie, shar pei 1
Casper, WY Rapid City, SD Georgie, beagle cross 1
Great Falls, MT Dayton, WA 7 huskies, sled dog team 7
christopher, pongo, rockie, purry, shelly
68 15 83

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