Lady "Bug" - His Kings Love

May 20, 1992 - January 17, 2006


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Sweet Candy Kisses

June 2, 1992 – August 21, 2006

Candy Beach

It is with great sadness that I bring you the news of the death of Lady - Candy Kisses best friend and Nala's mentor and Furbuddy.

It was a shock today as we rushed to her Doctors because she had shown no signs of problems at all. After emergency care she seemed to rally but we suspected she'd had a stroke. Doc let me stay with her every minute. Lady rallied and I was able to hold her and talk to her then she went to her "room" to rest for what we figured would be a couple days.

I was preparing for the best and also preparing for what might be a long time of rehabilitation as I headed home to get her food and take care of Nala and Candy Kisses.

Just as I was preparing to go back to the Vets with Lady's food the phone rang telling me that she had raised up like she was going to sit up and then simply laid back down. She died in the arms of her trusted Doctor without pain or suffering. We were all in shock trying to find the explanation for this sudden tragedy. After consultations with specialists we think Lady had a hidden tumor that caused a big word I can't pronounce or spell. But stroke is as good an explanation as any.

The loss of her energy and love is hitting home hard for all of us. The past few months I watched Lady passing on her legacy of love and zest for life to Nala as she embraced the new little kid in the family. She patiently mentored Nala while never giving up the position of Alpha dog. It was interesting to watch as she established herself in the new "pecking order" actually training and disciplining this rambunctious youngster who was her new charge. It is actually Lady who so effectively gentled the "wild child" who became her charge, her friend and playmate. She has left behind a legacy of love that will never be forgotten by human or animal friends.

Thanks to everyone that has already called and come by the house. This loss is felt by all of us who loved and were loved by "Lady - His Kings Love".

I do believe animals are in heaven and we fully expect to see her again. Until then....

Friends and family have asked what they can do to remember Lady in a tangible way. We've decided that if you want to contribute to Nalas Fund that would continue the legacy Lady was working on with Nala when she died. You would be bringing hope and meeting a life saving need for other of Lady's furbuddies.

You can find the addresses to contribute to Nalas Fund in memory of Lady "Bug"

Donations to Nalas Fund are tax deductible under non-profit guidelines. No one takes a fee out of your donation for expenses.

For your convenience we offer several way to donate -

Donations can be made to Nalas Fund at A-1 Animal Care N. 101 Argonne, Suite F Spokane Valley, WA 99212.

Donations can also be sent directly to Nalas Fund at American West Bank, 15606 East Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99037 through any bill paying or online banking service. :)

Thanks for your help. Nala!



































Over the weekend of August 18-19 Candy made a conscious decision that her life here needed to come to an end.  As I held her close in my arms at 9:05 Monday morning the valiant heart of Candy Kisses stopped.  She was attended by her beloved Doctor who had aided her through overcoming cancer, two episodes where her tummy flipped over and strangulated her intestines, severe allergies, entropia that caused blindness and arthritis.  She had let me know this morning (Monday August 21, 2006) that she was beginning to feel distress. 

Candy had made her life choice letting me know it was the end several days ago when she chose to stop eating.  I always knew she would let me know when she decided to join Lady at the Rainbow bridge and she did.  In true English fashion she carried on as normally as she could until the end trying to go through her normal routine as always waiting for us humans to make arrangements for her.  She carried on to the end with true heart and dignity but she didn't have the strength to go on any more.

No one will ever convince me that she didn’t communicate that she actually made a conscious decision that it was her time to leave us.  She took a bit of food letting me know she could eat and then later she looked me right in the eye and refused any more food no matter how I coaxed her but she continued her “normal routine”,  (although she was getting weaker as the hours passed). 


Candy was quite a girl. After she let me know she wanted to end her life here and go on she carried on her routine as normal as possible all weekend but late Saturday and Sunday she chose to only drink a minimal portion of water in addition to refusing food.  She wasn’t in distress until early Monday morning when she let me know please Mama let me go.   I wasn’t going to let her go into further distress and I’m so grateful to her beloved Doctor being so fast to respond to my call for her.   Doctor Lohr I’m forever grateful for your gentleness as you attended her as she peacefully crossed over to a better place where I believe she waits for me.

She was such a kind and loving soul accepting and making the best of whatever came her way.  Always cooperative, loving and always willing to share whatever made anyone else happy be they human or animal. The lower photo above was taken exactly one month prior to her passing over.  See how happy she was?  She’s smiling!  Because she could see!  With the help of her eye specialist she conquered the entropia and was able to see again. I took her on her first visit to the ocean.  She saw Manzanita beach Oregon July 21, 2006 and absolutely loved it.  As you can see in the photo she was perky and smiling decked out in her "summer hairdo and neon accessories.  She saw lots of things on that trip and was absolutely joyous that day at the beach. One day after we came home Candy had an exceptionally good day too.  Because she could see and she wasn’t in pain she went outside and actually played with her two young charges Nala and Nikita.

At home those last months after she was referred to Dr. Yakely her eye specialist and she could see again, Candy would go outside and walk round and round our large back yard LOOKING at birds, bugs and just enjoying the whole environment.  Because of the medications Dr. Lohr gave her she could play without pain.  I actually saw her happy and that was my goal, to make her last years as good or better than ever. Now those memories comfort me.

Candy’s passing has been difficult for Nala.  She has been obviously mourning.  Nakita is different.  She wasn’t as close to Candy but the last weekend she would seek Candy out and lay close to her from time to time, something she’d never done.  Since Lady’s passing Nala has been very serious about care giving for Candy.  She never let her out of her gaze and kissed her face and groomed her often.  Nala is alpha dog but it has also been very obvious that both “little girls” held Candy Kisses in a place of honor.  Now they will carry on without their pal but her influence on them both will stand them in good stead their entire lives.

Until the time we will all be together again we will miss you Candy Kisses.