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Reply to Our Sunday Visitor Magazing - Bai Macfarlane

Dear Sir or Madam
Our Sunday Visitor

I am replying to your survey: "Should laws make it relatively easy for couples to divorce or more difficult? Why?"

Divorce should be much more difficult because divorce is a gross offense against nature. As married Christians, God promised us that our marriage is a Sacrament, which means he will supply the grace to help us grow and be together through good times and bad, till death due us part. God is not a liar. All normal human beings will have bad times in marriage AND with the right help those bad times can be the motive for us to learn about ourselves, grow to be more mature, charitable, honest and caring toward our spouse and our children.

With the wrong kind of help, readily available from secular psychologists and the divorce regime, if a spouse feels bad, he or she is directed to get a divorce. With no-fault divorce, an unhappy spouse is next months cash flow for any divorce attorney. The attorney always wins his case because his client always gets the divorce. Once one enters the no-fault divorce court, ugly custody battles ensue in which attorneys charge tens of thousands of dollars to direct and follow the destruction of a relationship. Anyone who's ever been the defendant in a divorce knows anything you say to your spouse can, and will, be used against you. Innocent children are forcibly removed from dedicated parents in all no-fault divorce. Children become pawns of the court as they are forcibly removed from one parent because the other parent simply refuses to be in the same location as the former. Divorce is terrible for children.

If fault had to be proven, or if abandoners were recognized as having done something civilly unacceptable, and if abandoners couldn't force their children to leave the dedicated spouse and parent, there would be less divorce and people would seek help in reconciliation. This is God's plan and it is common sense too.

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