Standing Together Prayer Fasting and Support Group

Outreach of The Kings Gardeners Ministries based in Spokane Valley Washington U.S.

Group Director is Billie Sue Mills, Florida, U.S.

Malachi 2:14-16

By joining TKGM Standing Together as an individual you agree to make this promise in agreement with the other members:

We promise to stand in agreement with the members of this group for the healing and or restoration of their marriages. Please click on this link if you have a question about the definition of one of the marriages we stand for.

We promise to pray and also fast, if we are able to, for the members of the group.

We promise to stand together with the group at Sundown on Friday praising God and supporting the alert emphasis for the week as much as possible.

We promise to support, show love for, lift up, encourage, and inspire the members of the group.

We promise to keep our focus in the group on the things that God wants us to focus on and to glorify him for the blessings that He sends our way.

What we as the Group Promise not to do:

We promise not to hurt, slander, criticize, judge, condemn, or tear down members of the group, our spouses, or others.

We promise not to argue with a group member in front of the whole group.

We promise not to use the group as a sounding board to air any differences of opinion that group members may have concerning issues that may come up.

We promise to limit our posts to the issue of supporting Standing for Marriages and the family issues that raises.

We will avoid political discussions that target any individual or party.

We promise to stop any activity in the group that tends to cause discord or disunity and therefore takes our focus off of God.

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