Standing Together Prayer Fasting and Support Group

Outreach of The Kings Gardeners Ministries based in Spokane Valley Washington U.S.

Group Director is Billie Sue Mills, Florida, U.S.

Malachi 2:14-16

The Way the Group Functions:

We agree in prayer with each other for the healing and restoration of our marriages as well as any other requests that group members may have concerning their families within the bounds of God's Will.

We fast for each other once a week. We lift up, encourage, inspire, offer support, and show love to the members of the group. We give Praise to God for the answers that He provides for our prayers.

Our day to fast, for the most part is Wednesday. Some people fast on Tuesday. We try to fast the whole day, including dinner. If some can't fast because of health reasons, you may choose to fast from watching TV or something of that sort. If some can't fast all day, they may fast one or two meals, or only drink liquids. God will be pleased with any effort that we make.

Our requests are put on prayer request lists. They are to be a brief as possible, yet be specific as possible so that nothing that needs prayer is left out.

The Wednesday list prayer requests can be updated as often as necessary. Send the updates for the Wednesday prayer and fasting list to Reverend Denise. She is associate Pastor for The Kings Gardeners Ministries. She is in charge of maintaining the Wednesday Fasting prayer list. Please send her your prayer request when you join the group so she can add it to the Wednesday Fasting and Prayer list. Please also give her your updates when your circumstances make a serious change.

The prayer list is sent out every Tuesday for your convenience. We ask that you prepare spiritually for the Wednesday prayer and fasting over the requests marriages and families of the Standing Together group.

Praises for restored marriages, canceled divorces, as well as other miracles that God performs for the group are sent out once a week with the reminder to pray over the entire groups individual prayers by Director Billie Sue Mills. As we pray for others we will receive a compassion and strength for our own situations.

Otherwise you may send your daily concerns to the after joining the group. Keep in mind that we do not expose our spouses sins to others.

On Thursday or Friday morning Shofar Watchman Leader Atholynne Lonsdale from the UK or Rev Sandy will put out a Shofar Emphasis for that evening. Please click for a complete explanation of this event. Over time we have seen many breakthroughs attributed to this time of targeted agreement.

From time to time Rev. Sandy also includes an update as to the action being taken in the courts concerning No-fault Divorce which will be posted as time and current events allow. Divorce on demand is not godly. More on this subject can be found at:

Other resources can be found by clicking

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