Standing Together Prayer Fasting and Support Group

Outreach of The Kings Gardeners Ministries based in Spokane Valley Washington U.S.

Group Director is Billie Sue Mills, Florida, U.S.

Malachi 2:14-16

Group Rules:


Persons who are found to be causing continuing dissension or consistent violation of the rules will be put on monitored email or banned from the group.

We strongly suggest that you DO NOT send forwards or attachments to the group. Please send posts to the group only and don't include others so that all members emails may be protected. We have had serious breaches of privacy from this practice. Please cut and paste items you feel are of value into a new email from your own account and then send them to the group.

We also strongly suggest that you obtain an email scanner like AVG which is free from, spybot which is also free from or any of the other wonderful email scanning programs for the protection of all members of the group as well as yourself.

Any action that goes against the following guidelines of the group will cause that person or persons to be placed on moderated mail. Continuing problems can result in the person or persons involved being banned from the group.

1. We will speak well of our spouses and others. We do not demean our spouses or anyone else. We will not hurt, slander, criticize, judge, condemn, or tear down members of the group, our spouses, or others.

2. We do not argue with a group member in front of the whole group. We promise not to use the group as a sounding board to air any differences of opinion that group members may have concerning issues that may come up.

3. The focus of this group is, the healing and or restoration of marriages. Off topic discussions are not encouraged.

4. We will show no religious prejudices as we are an interdenominational group. We promise to stop any activity in the group that tends to cause discord or disunity and therefore takes our focus off of God.

5. It is o.k. to express personal beliefs but we ask that you conform to the beliefs statement of this group. Persons found causing continued dissension will be put on monitored mail or banned from the group.

6. We ask that no articles or political party line prayers be sent to the group. This is a group dedicated to the issue of Standing for Marriages and we try to keep the emphasis there.

7. We are a group of those people Standing for the Restoration of our marriages. If at any time a member decides to stop Standing for their marriage we request that you resign from the group. We bear no one ill will for their choices but we do have to draw boundaries where membership requirements are concerned.

8. We ask that forwards be kept focused on marriage and the issues that surround standing for marriages.

9. References to political leaders of any country are not appropriate for this group.

We support Standers who are involved in the judicial system and legislative system of countries. Reports on their efforts to change laws to support marriage or reports on the legal appeals and objections to Superior Court actions are not to be considered political. In addition Reverend Sandy can be contacted if you have pertinent articles regarding this issue. There is a Standers legal website that can be a forum for these kinds of messages if they are too extensive for the Standing Together postings.

Persons who are found to be causing continuing dissension will be put on monitored email or banned from the group.

When a group member, spouse, or other person is condemned, slandered, put down, criticized, judged, etc., by any member of the group, that person will be asked by a group moderator to apologize before the group for their behavior. If this doesn't happen, the group member will be banned from posting to the group until they decide to apologize, at which time, the ban will be lifted.

If there is a disagreement that starts between two group members, and it gets out of hand, that discussion will be stopped by a moderator before someone gets hurt. Also, a group moderator will stop messages of this type before they are sent to the whole group by enacting monitored mail.

If the Director of the group is not online, any of the moderators, will be able to carry out the above procedures.

Moderators will get together to decide the best way to deal with any problem that occurs.

They are:

Billie Sue at: is the Standing Together Director and also is moderator/group owner. Billie Sue is The Kings Gardeners Ministries Department Head over Standing Together Internet Group.

Reverend Denise Lewis who is associate Pastor of The Kings Gardeners Ministries.

Reverend Sandy at: is the head of The Kings Gardeners Ministries

Atholynne "Lynne" Londsdale (UK) is TKGM ministerial assistant, Standing Together monitor and Shofar Alert Emphasis Leader.

Rev. Sandy is also our group Chaplain. She has had training in counseling and is also an ordained minister with Doctoral and Masters Education in Biblical Studies, religious history and counseling. She has been active in fighting No-fault Divorce laws in the United States and foreign countries. She is and has been very helpful to those in he group who are and have been threatened with divorce and want to take a stand for God in the courts to show how He feels and therefore how they feel about it.

It is our sincere hope that none of these above procedures have to be put into effect. They are only added as a part of the group for the protection of the group members.

Our greatest desire is to see all marriages of the members of the group healed and restored. We believe that God will do that for us if we treat people the way that He wants us to treat them and are obedient to Him in everything that we do.

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