Standing Together Prayer Fasting and Support Group

Outreach of The Kings Gardeners Ministries based in Spokane Valley Washington U.S.

Group Director is Billie Sue Mills, Florida, U.S.

Malachi 2:14-16

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

With God's help I conduct a prayer and fasting and support group that focuses on the healing and restoration of marriages.

WEDNESDAY is the day that we fast and pray over the list that you will receive on Monday. We fast all day and all evening. If you can't fast all day for health reasons or need to fast another day it's OK. You can fast by not watching TV that day or by giving up something else that you enjoy, or by going on a liquid fast, or by giving up a favorite food, etc. God knows our hearts and He will honor our efforts.

PLEASE SEND REVEREND DENISE YOUR PRAYER REQUEST FOR THE WEDNESDAY PRAYER LIST immediately upon receiving this letter. Send it to so we can immediately begin praying for your needs. Please make your requests as brief as possible because of the number of people in our group. However, please be as specific as needed so that nothing is left out that we need to pray for. Many miracles have happened for the members of our group.

Please include the first initial of your last name in case we have more than one member with your first name. Please also include the name of your spouse and children so we can pray more specifically. Occasionally you will be asked to review and update your Wednesday list prayer request. Be sure to let me know of any changes you want in between requests.

Prayer requests are sent out to the group once a week. They will come in several segments. Please use this as a reference for the prayer and fasting on Wednesday. If you need to refresh your memory go to and click on Wednesday Prayer List. You can read the list from there or print it out at your discretion. It is long but we know each person is important. The Holy Spirit will show you who needs your prayer emphasis as your prayers are so important.

FRIDAY evening at sundown where ever you are we stop for a moment to sound the Shofar, we spend time in high praise to God in the Highest and sound the alarm to the enemy shaking the foundations of the walls that separate our beloved from God and us. Our Shofar Alert Emphasis leader Lynne Londsdale sends out the prayer emphasis the Lord gives for the week. The walls of Jericho came down and so will the strongholds of sin! You can find the Shofar sounds at the Yahoo Standing Together website.

If something comes up during the week and you need extra prayer for any reason, please feel free to send a message to the group. We also love to hear praise reports so send those too!

Please take a moment and click on the other links on this website and learn more about our group.

There is also a website dedicated to supporting Standers at

The legal support website is at where ordinary people who are standing against no-fault divorce contribute to this website. There are no lawyers available but there are articles of value to those in the legal process.

WE HAVE A SHORT LIST OF RULES FOR EACH MEMBER and we ask that you read them as the rules are enforced on this list. Persons who are found to be causing continuing dissension or consistent violation of the rules will be put on monitored e-mail or banned from the group. Please click on rules from the main page at

As we are a support group as well as prayer and fasting group we have a Chaplain who has been ordained and has done personal counseling for over 20 years. The Group leader is also available for your assistance. These two people are volunteers and can answer you only as time permits.

We also have group monitors to aid in the administration of the list. Their addresses can be found on the group Internet site. please bring any of your concerns about the list to their attention.

God bless everyone reading this message. We are happy to have you in our group. There is support here for you :)

Love in Jesus,
Billie Sue

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