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Gods people do not have to perish or be taken into bondage for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 5:13) The theologian Karl Barth once said, "To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world."

Nalas Fund - Psalm 36:6Your righteousness is like the mountains of God, Your judgments are like the great deep. O Lord, You preserve man and beast. 

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10 Commandments Teaching and Prayer - Rev. Dr. S. L. Gardner  

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A Standers Affirmation Absent but Loved (menu)
Abuse - What to do? (menu) Actions and Reactions - Steve B.
Action - Be Proactive! - change the laws - you can make a difference. Agreement - Strategy Exposed! Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Against Divorce - John McArthur Against Divorce - Rob Rutherford
Angels Sometimes? Authority of The Believer - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Autumn Feasts (menu)- Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Be Careful What You Say- Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Baptist Perspective -

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. President - Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, Kentucky


Bigger Picture - Shawn A.
Bitter Judgments & the Results - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner    
Blended Families A True Story - Armstrong Books Recommended
Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Burden Bearing - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Burn Out - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Christian Civil Disobedience
Chuck Colson Asks Complete Serenity Prayer
Confessions of a Cheater Connie Giordano's Messages - (menu)
Conviction - The Real Story Covenant Marriage Organizations
Covenant Marriage Ceremony Quotes Craig Hill Resources
Dark Night of the Soul - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

David Saul N Us - Love Will Never Fail by Vic Armstrong

Dear Abby from 2 OW's

Defeating Defeat!! :) - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Defiant Hope - Pastor Ron Hutchcraft Depression Helps - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Devotional Times

Did God OK Divorce??? - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Did You Go Through This? QnA (menu) Divorce - Kirby Anderson
Divorce & Covenant 1- Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Divorce in the Church - Dr. Jerry Falwell
Divorce -Toll On The Children By Karl Zinsmeister Does God Stomp On Your Chips???
Don't Play Dead Emotional Blackmail in Divorce - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Encouragement - Heart to Heart - Rev. S.L. Gardner False Starts - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Family - Thoughts n Prayers Fear of The Lord
Free Will ??? - NOT!!! - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Focus - - Ebere Ejimofor
    For Better Or... -Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
From Deborah With Love (menu)
Friends of the Opposite Sex - (menu)
Generational Sins - What to do? - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Giving Up - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Gleanings from The Word by Rev. Denise Lewis (menu) The Glory of Abiding In Christ - Andrew Murry
God Doesn't Expect Perfection
God Can't Do What????
God Works On Me (name withheld to honor restored marriage) God's Order / Justice- Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
God's Word Returns Void? - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner God's Plan for Marriage - Rod Rutherford
Grace Under Fire, True Story - Kim Moore He "remarried" & I Didn't Even Know We Were Divorced!
Healing in His Wings True Story-Tricias Healing Praise Holidays - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Honoring Father & Mother. It's the Law - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Hope - Duke Rohe
Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick - Rev. Al Horta I Am Shalom - Helen Mallicot with notation by Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
If satan Can't Steal Your Dreams He Can't Control Your Destiny -Family Defenders Inner Peace - Rev. David Wilkerson
Inspiration - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

It's A Disaster! I Won!!! - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

James 5 and You    
  Jezebel Basics 101 Jezebel Spirit Revealed
Just Pedal!!! Just Pondering
Kenneth & Gloria Copeland - (menu) Leah - Dave Christie
Learned from The Lord of The Harvest (menu) Legislate Time 4 Kids- Good read
Lesson of The Mule Let Go - Duke Rohe
Letting Go - Dave Christie    
Light of Victory Endures - Vickie Armstrong (menu) Love and Hate- Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Mad at God -Rev. David Wilkerson    
Manifested Presence of God - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Marriage is a Legal Contract/Covenant in the Law - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Marriage is a Merger - Rabbi Stolper Men of Honor (menu)
Merismos - Taking Authority Over Our Own Minds - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Ministries Supporting Standers
Mothers Walk

Oh No You Don't!

Kim Moore

Open Letter to Pastors Pay Off for Pain - Pastor Ron Hutchcraft
Poets Corner (menu) Praise!
Pray for Consequences & then Forgive - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner Pray Gods Word - John F. McArthur Junior
Prayer Tips - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Proactive Prayers (menu) including weekly Shofar Prayer emphasis


The Prodigals Perspective is presented by permission from Rejoice Ministries. Come back often as the question and answer changes when you revist our site.

We honor Bob Steinkamp who has gone on to be with the Lord and his wonderful wife Charlyne who keeps on keepin on with the Lord.

Provision in Hard Times & Great Wisdom Learned the Hard Way (true story) -Joy D. Questions & Answers (menu)
Reality Check
Restored After They "remarried" Scroll down and look for YES YOU CAN! :)
Quick Hits - Duke Rohe Restoration 101 - Dave Christie

Realistic Forgivness - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Restored by the Grace of God (menu)

Right to Happiness? -

C.S. Lewis

Rings, Laws, Sex and Submission - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Shampooing Rugs Shampooing Rugs - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner  

Standing Alone Standing in Court Scriptural Basis - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
Staying With the Pain (being an overcomer) - Selwyn Hughes Sticks and Stones
Stop the Madness - Bill Keller Tested by Fire - Rev. Dr. S. L. Gardner
Tears = Rainwater? - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Titus Women (menu)Laura Jameson


Treacherous Waters  (real situation)

The Treasure Box Tribute
Twelve Works of the Flesh - Pastor Monte Weak Faith - Rev. David Wilkerson
Using Your Winters to Win Your Battles - Pastor Ron Hutchcraft What do you mean Repent and Love? - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner
What We Believe - The King's Gardeners Ministries What Everrrrrrr - Duke Rohe
What You Give Over To - Duke Rohe When Faith Fails - Pastor Kenneth Copeland
When Your Spouse Comes Back This Time, It Shall Be Right! When They Walk Out
Who We Are (The King's Gardeners Ministries) Who Said That You Couldn't Wander From The Faith? Connie Giordano
Wordfor2006 Word for 2006 Wordfor2007 Word for 2007

Yes You Can Return to Your Spouse If They Have "remarried" - Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Yolanda Ballards Writings - Menu

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