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Joseph Towels and Fear

As I read the emails from those who would like to throw in the towel, the Lord reminded me of Joseph. He was his father's favorite son, he was despised by his brothers, and he spent a lot of time in terrible circumstances not seeing anything to give him hope that they would ever change. But, during those years of silence, he still persevered and gave his best in whatever he was doing. He was betrayed first by his family, then he was unjustly accused, and then he was made a promise in prison and forgotten about. But just look at what God performed for him in the end. He was restored to his family and his life was one of honor amongst not only the Lord, but the people of his land. He went through everything we are going through, yet his end was far more victorious than his beginning.

It is so easy to give in to fear, fear of being alone forever, fear of your spouse finding "true" happiness with another person (which is fallacy because those relationships are built on lies and the pain of other people), and fear that we are the cause of our spouse's unhappiness and we drove them away from us (which I strongly disagree with because they made the CHOICE to be unfaithful rather than work at making things better).

I don't know about all of you, but Sept. 11 had a profound effect on me. It shook my world, and then my circumstances contributed to that shaking. But giving up on Ed is not going to introduce joy, peace, or happiness into my life. I gave my word to the Lord that I would stand, and no matter how I feel, it's a matter of honor on my part that I keep it.

God always keeps His word and His word says that He will restore.
Have a blessed weekend,

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