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Q n A Warning

Do I continue to be ___'s doormat and wait for him to make a decision? He's torturing me every weekend I see him and we spend a 'family' day together. We need to sit down and talk but he puts it off. He runs away from it everytime. I'm emotionally raw inside. I keep asking God to help but it's still the same old story. Now ___ has a new life with someone else and it's killing me. Words of encouragement please??

I don't technically have words of encouragement, but a word of warning. Don't paint this man into a corner unless you are willing to clean up the mess he makes when he bolts and runs away from you. Don't force him to make a decision, unless you like the prospect of being a divorced woman. You cannot force him to do the right thing and only GOD can turn him around. If he tries to do it without God, he's going to make a big mess of things. He needs a heart transplant and God will do just that if you will pray Ezekial 11:19 over him and stay in your prayer closet on his behalf.

You pray confusion and division between him and this woman, use Psalm 55:9 as a basis for your prayer, and Judges 9:23. You aren't a doormat unless you live your life in such a way that you have no honor or dignity. Think about it, she's good enough to play dirty little games in the dark with, but she's not good enough to be honest and respectable with? She's the doormat because she is a thief at heart, willing to take things that are stolen and given to her, things she knows deep in her heart are not hers to enjoy. Things that are rightfully yours. Remind God of that instead of complaining about how lonely you are.

In Sister Act, Whoopi Goldberg portrays a woman like this, a woman who sleeps with a married man and then demands he do something to change things and he agrees. And what does she get for her demands? A cast off fur coat from the rich man's wife. Complete with the WIFE'S initials monogrammed in the lining of the jacket. She knew what she was then, and so does the other person playing with our spouse. Everything our spouse gives to the other person, spiritually has OUR INITIALS monogrammed on it. The "love" (which is really lust), and all those other things, and don't you dare believe God doesn't already know, He does and He's keeping account so He can make sure the enemy pays back 7 times what he's stealing from us.

Take your eyes off your pride, it's only going to get you in trouble anyway, and put them back on the Lord and the job of standing in the gap for your loved ones.

God bless,

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