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You know, I was sitting here, catching up on about 3 days worth of email, pondering why we all struggle with knowing God's will. And suddenly I had one of those "blinding moments of clarity" that come to us from time to time. I honestly believe it was the Holy Spirit.

Why do you ask what His will is concerning your marriage? This is not a hard thing, we ALL KNOW that God hates divorce. It's plain, it's simply stated, there is no question whatsoever about His will. The problem is,


I'm serious here. How many of you say one day "I want restoration!" And then the next confess "I don't know what I want...." God is not the problem here people, we are.

How many of you pray fervently and earnestly for restoration in the morning and then go about your day talking to people saying words that contradict and even negate what you prayed for that morning? Hmmm? Anyone willing to fess up? I know I have.

YOU have to decide what you want. Restoration or to give up. YOU have to set YOUR FACE LIKE FLINT against the world, those around you, both secular and Christian, and hold fast to your confession in prayer and SHUT YOUR MOUTHS WHEN YOU ARE TEMPTED TO GRIPE, WHINE, AND COMPLAIN.

Your mouths dictate a lot of what is going to happen concerning your marriages. Your mouth is the rudder to your life. Literally, what you say is what you are going to get. Do you realize this?

God can only work with what You give Him to work with, do you realize this? In the bible there are many examples of prayer, there are many examples of the patriarchs of faith and how they overcame their circumstances through the words of their lips. These men and women of faith, those who helped lay the foundation of the faith we live and depend upon, knew the power of their words and guarded their mouths accordingly. I believe it's time we learn this lesson as well.

Deborah Rhoades @2003

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