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The Bigger Picture -

I thought I would share this with the group because I know lately I have been so worried about me and my feelings and what I'm going thru with my marriage restoration that I have not been focusing on the Bigger Picture and thats Gods complete and total will for my life and the people around me.
I just moved in with my sister and my 17 yr old nephew.  Me an my nephew are really good friends and he listens to me and talks openly with me about most things and I noticed that he waits up for me until I come home.  No matter what time it is.  My sister lives a good distance from the rest of my family so sometimes I will stay in town til late, one morning I didnt get in until @ 4 am.  I didnt realize that he was still up this particular time.  He told my sister he can not lay down until he knows I'm home safely.  This really struck a cord with me because he knows that I am saved and trying to live my life pleasing to God.  Many times we will have conversations about right & wrong, and him being a respectable young man.  Well, I began to think about the effect of me not living a life pleasing to God and staying true to my walk and how it would effect him.  What if he saw me bring home different men or dating random men all the time?  What if I went drinking Saturday night and went to church Sunday morning.  All these what if questions crossed my mind.  It brought me right back to the fact that my marriage restoration is about so much more than me being happy and back with my husband. 

So for all you ladies & men that are struggling right now in your walk just know that this thing is so much bigger than we are.  God is an awesome God and we often put him in our small little box.  I cant help but smile and know that Gods plans for me are so much more than I can imagine, if I just believe and have faith.  And no matter how tough it gets, he always seems to make a way.  So group hang in there.  You never know who is wathcing your walk.  I would have never imagined that my nephew would be affected by the choices I have made!
Please pray for my strength and that I continue to be obedient to Gods will.

Shawn A

"pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"

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