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The Ancient Paths - Craig Hill

No matter our age, God intended for us to feel loved and have a deep inner knowing of who we are and where we are headed in life. Many of us will never truly fulfill our God-given identity and destiny until we rediscover…The Ancient Paths!!

Deceived, Who Me? – Craig Hill

This book is designed to expose the hidden ways of your flesh and to set you on a course of freedom to walk in the Spirit and experience God’s ways and plans for your life. Discover your true identity in Christ.

Stepping into Adulthood - by Jeff Brodsky $10.00

"Daddy I want to be a man!" After his eight year old son Lance spoke these words, Jeff Brodsky began a ten year journey of discovery. Jeff determined to find out what
it meant to accept the responsibility of being a godly father and parent to his children.

As a Jewish believer, Jeff wondered why there was no Bar-Mitzvah type of ceremony or Rite of Passage in Christianity. As he traveled throughtout the world to more than forty countries, Jeff discovered that Christianity is one of the only religions that did nothing to recognize their children as they were Stepping Into Adulthood

Bar Barakah - by Craig Hill $5

Bar Barakah means in the Hebrew language "Son of the  Blessing." Parents the world over are rediscovering the need to bless their children at the time of puberty and release them into adulthood. For centuries, Jewish parents have done so through a Bar/Bat Mitzvah (Son/Daughter of the Law) ceremony. Craig Hill has written this book as a practical, "how to" guide for Christian parents seeking to similarly release their children into God's image of adult identity and destiny. This book will give you the what, where, when, who, why, and how of conducting a Christian Bar/Bat Barakah ceremony for your son or daughter. Click here for information about the  Bar Barakah Parents Packages or the Bar Barakah Video.

Bondage Broken - by Craig Hill

This book gives you practical keys to break the bondage in your life and release you from the prison of controlling habits. You will discover root causes of bondage and how
to tear down strongholds in your life to release you into the peace and joy that God has intended for you to experience.

Marriage: Covenant or Contract - by Craig Hill $5

Our modern society has gotten away from the plan that God has for marriage. Is
marriage a contract or covenant? What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? Craig examines the scriptures for answers.

Help! My Spouse Wants Out - by Craig Hill $9

This book provides immediate help for those with serious marital difficulties. It will greatly benefit anyone in search of solid, no-nonsense principles upon which a lasting marriage can be built.

His Perfect Faithfulness - Eric & Leslie Ludy

In a day of intense focus on short-term pleasure and instant gratification, here’s a delightful story of love and romance between a young man and his bride-to-be—and the story of God’s love and faithfulness toward all who will let Him be God.

Romance God's Way - Eric & Leslie Ludy

Just when you thought God didn't care about your love life...along come Eric and Leslie Ludy with a book that will bring you the most thrilling news of the century... GOD LOVES
ROMANCE! He not only invented it, but He has a purpose for it in your life!

Other Books

Establishing Biblical Standards of Courtship – Institute of Basic Life Principles

I’m A New Creation? - by Craig Hill $2

Have you wondered why it is that even though you have committed your life to Jesus Christ, you don’t always feel or act like a new creation? In this booklet, Craig give you practical answers to this question from the Word of God.

You Don’t Have To Be Wrong To Repent - by Craig Hill $2

Conflicts within a marriage and almost any other type of relationship usually have to do with identity cursing. In this little booklet, Craig shows you how to quickly resolve conflicts and draw closer to each other and to the Lord.

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