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Spokane, Washington US

God Doesn't Expect Us To Be God

Just remember He is near to the broken hearted. In other word, just a breath away. I know how it feels to be emotionally secluded, in a world devoid of the feeling of another's human love. The kind we are brought up to believe will happen to us when we know the story of life in Camelot.

God does not expect us to be God. He doesn't expect us to not be hurt, feel rejected, want more. He only expects us to bring our petitions to Him. He didn't say the life we live would be easy. He only said He would provide grace sufficient for us.

So we have to rest in that grace. Rest in the fact that your spouse is still with you. Rest in the fact that there are literally thousands upon thousands who have no one. How lucky I would be if my wife were here, so that I could show her the love and affection that abounds in my heart. No matter what the response would be, I would continue to show her affection.

I spent years saying I wish you could hug me better, with some sign of feeling. I wish you would want to make love more. I wish, I wish, I wish. With every wish I verbalized, I pushed her farther away.

I am not trying to be harsh. I want you to recognize that you have got to demonstrate clearly what 1 Cor 13 says about love.

Love suffers long (I love you forever) and is kind; (even when we are not treated kindly)

love does not envy; (I wish you would hug me more)

love does not parade itself (see my great love) is not puffed up; ( Look how much I love you)

does not behave rudely (if you're not going to hug me, then fine),

does not seek its own(why won't you be loving to me),

is not provoked (you big jerk) thinks no evil (I wish I married someone else);

does not rejoice in iniquity(I'll find someone else to love me),

but rejoices in the truth(He never leaves us nor forsakes us); bears all things(even with hug deficiency syndrome),

believes all things(tomorrow will be better);

hopes all things(one day we will be happy together),

endures all things(I don't care what you do or say, I will love you).

Love never fails.(I love you forever) Don't be too hard on yourself.

We all should read our Bible more, pray more, be better Christians, show more love.

God doesn' t ask us to be perfect. He only asks us to submit our lives to Him.

Do the best you can.

Take each day as a gift.

Take each day and read one more verse than yesterday.

Pray for one minute longer than yesterday.

Say one less word out of frustration than yesterday.

God's grace is sufficient for you too. You only have to recieve that.

Hang in there and Trust in Him and what He has planned for you,

God Bless you with peace and rest,


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