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I want to share something. Dont want to strip my husband but really want to share how faithful God is.
So, since my husband has been home there have been many trials that have been more difficult than I had anticipated. One being that for awhile he remained in contact with the ow. Boy, I would come home and he would be chatting on the phone with her. It culminated in one night them ending up in a strip club together, and me sitting home on the couch crying my eyes out. You know the scene, many of you have been there.

Well, when he got home the next day he was very cocky, waltzed in mixed himself a drink and looked at me all smug. God had me good and humbled at that point or I wouldnt have been able to say the following, "I am so glad you are home and safe." Well, he didnt expect that and that knocked the wind out of his sails. He laid down, slept, I laid down with him for awhile. Got up made him coffee and the hangover kicked in. He was outside and I said, God if YOU arent done with him yet and he needs to go back out into the far country to cook a little while longer than I wont beg or say a word, just take him.

Well I kind of felt like God wanted me to share that with My beloved. Not in the boundary ultimatum sort of way, but in the loving, gracious way. So, I went outside and said, "You know I love you. And if you are not ready to be home and be married with a family that is okay I understand. Feel free to go and always know we will be here waiting for you." He declared his love, said he would change his phone number, never contact her again, etc. Well some of that came to pass and some did not. Slowly, ever so slowly, as God has refined me, more and more and more has been broken off of my husband.

The dog, he brought home, this terrible, awful, untrainable monster of a dog and my beloved was drinking 1/5th a day of alcohol per day, and drunk every night.

I was praying away about my misery and how awful it was living this way and is this what I had waited for, and was God sure He wanted My beloved and I together, blah, blah blah. And one day I said, God why wont You answer my prayer? And He said, your motive. You see I was praying out of my irritation with my circumstance and not out of my frustration of not going forward spiritually. So, I said, please purify my motive and show me how to pray in Your will? Seems like the right answer, huh. Well, God sure loves to apply fire to purify.

I heard this one prophet say, God is the greatest arsonist in the Universe and he wasnt kidding. The drinking escalated, and my husband was more miserable, and I wanted to choke him. My idea of responding in love was going to bed and avoiding him. But the HOLY SPIRIT showed me my self righteous, judgmental attitude and I got to repent, and lay it down. So, now when my husband was lying on the bathroom floor, throwing up, I got to apply love and grace and mercy. I got to bless him with a cold wash cloth for his face, stroke his hair, and help him to bed. If he passed out, I got to get up and find a blanket and put it over him. I got to make him coffee in the morning and let him sleep in.

I got to let the hand of God wipe the smirk off my face, while he suffered from his hangover. Because that smirk, and that attitude, were arrogance. An arrogance I didnt deserve, because it only by much grace and mercy that I was not doing the same thing. And in HIS grace and mercy I have been blessed to be HIS hands extended.

So, one day I am praying about the dog, who is systematically destroying my house and I said, God how do I pray for this dog? And the answer, pray that my beloved would see that things from the far country dont belong in this land. Pause, and God finished by saying, and that includes his drinking, A. So I prayed just as lead and you know. My beloved hasnt been drinking, hardly at all, for over a week. Amazing.

Still that stupid dog is there, God has HIS own
priorities:) and drinking before the dog. Honestly, I thought that the dog would go long before the drinking. But there I go again trying to second guess God. HIS ways are above ours, and He is wise beyond anything and everyone. BTW, my beloved has not spoken to her for over one month.

Love you all and pray for you often. A

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