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God Gives Us Grace Under Fire

Hello again,

I want to thank all of you who prayed for our family on this past Friday and Saturday. Our entire family and church family were blessed abundantly through the grace and mercy of God. Praise His Holy Name!

First, my daughter and son-in-law's wedding was beautiful. Our Pastor delivered a wonderful sermon at the wedding which included: divorce should never be an option, all marriages have troubles but that is not the time to run away but a time to seek God, if any of you have chosen to divorce your mate and are in a non-covenant relationship it is never too late to make it the way God wants it to be, and the greatest part was hearing the way to salvation and an invitation to receive salvation...all of which was heard clearly by my FH and his non-covenant wife. They sat in the front row...

The night before during the rehearsal dinner they heard much prayer over the marriage to be. Then my FH really had a great time talking and playing with our grandchildren as well as finally communicating a great deal with all of our daughters. The ow just sat and watched with tears in her eyes... how well my FH was enjoying himself. It was like old times only better because I knew it was God orchestrated.

I prayed for nothing else but God's Will to be in my life during this weekend. Yes, I wanted to pray that my husband would at least be friendly towards me and the ow would keep her place but the Holy Spirit spoke to me to ask for nothing but God's Will and I did. While doing so I realized what ever I asked for would be limiting what God had in mind to transpire. I'm so glad I listened to the voice of God.

The day of the wedding, I arrived at the church with two of my grandchildren. And of course we were all running behind schedule. My granddaughter wasn't dressed and I haven't a clue as to how to properly dress a guy in a tux. Thank God...He had my FH and the ow waiting in the front of church. I asked the ow if she would dress my granddaughter and I asked my FH if he would straighten out the mess I made of my grandson so that I could do the few things my daughter asked of me. The wedding went great and my FH cried as the vows were read and turned to look at me.

After the ceremony, we took pictures in the church and then the wedding party left to have pictures taken at nearby park. My FH, the ow and myself were left behind. Without a word from me my FH asked what he could do to help out. For the next hour or so he did so much for me to set the reception up and was so very pleasant I felt as though I was dreaming. I must give a lot of credit to the ow for she helped a great deal as well without any fuss. My FH even helped me to put together a throwing bouquet. As we did this, many times our hands were on top of each others and it was not flirty but natural. Needless to say, later one of the women of the church said the ow kept her eyes on the both of us the entire time. Please do not misunderstand, I was not flirtatious or forward in any way shape or form I was acting as a child of God would act...kind, thankful, humble and with God's love and would never overstep my bounds as in the world's eyes my FH is married. God knew my heart was in the right place and not in the gutter.

During the reception, I sat at the table with them and we did a lot of small, light talk. Believe me this entire day was done by the grace of God. I had asked God to let His light shine through me because by no means could I have done this on my own. As I went around to mingle, my FH got up and did the same, leaving the ow by herself. My best friend (a Christian) went over to her to keep her company. The ow mentioned how nice this church was and that the people were extremely friendly. My friend invited her to come back.

As the best man and my daughters who were matron and maid of honor said there speeches i was moved by tears and as I looked up twice my FH husband was looking at me with tears in his eyes, too and our eyes locked with a grateful knowing we did a good job in raising three wonderful daughters. I hadn't seen that soft gentle look in his eyes for many years and it was God's way of letting me know that "hate wall" was entirely down.

After the reception, my FH helped me and many others to completely clean up the fellowship hall.

Then we were all done. As we stood all facing one FH, the ow, my middle daughter and I...God moved me to reach out and hug the ow thanking her for all of her help, she graciously hugged me back and said your welcome and thank you for having me. I then asked her if I could hug my FH and she said," Of course." I gave him a hug and he hugged me back so tightly that it almost took my breath away. I tried to break apart from him but he clutched my waist ever so tight and I said that Abbey and I greatly appreciate him coming and for all of his help. He responded, I know Kim, I know how you feel. He gave me another hug and finally let go. What a blessing!

Folks, all this was of God as none of us have seen each other in five years(except for the daughter that got married on Sat, she has been in contact with her dad the most). The hate wall was down, God was in complete control and without God's grace I could have never gotten throught that day.

I, again, thank you for your prayers and I praise God for doing His Will in all of our lives!

P.S. At church yesterday many members commented that they never saw three people who should be at odds with one another work so well together. They said they witnessed God's love on that day. They said I was very gracious, humble and kind. I said it was only because God's hand was with me and I could have never done this by myself.

in Christ's love,

Kim Moore --in NY

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