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Reverend S. L. Gardner

Spokane, Washington US

When your spouse comes back this time, it shall be right!

GOD would have allowed "you" to have seen your heart and time to confess and correct it,

GOD would have allowed "you" to hurt all that you could hurt until you are now immuned and have developed "top-notched" compassion,

GOD would have allowed "you" to cry until you get fresh out of tears so that you are no longer feling sorry for yourself but see HIS perfect vision,

GOD would have allowed "you" to know HIM as your all and all...your lover who'll never leave or forsake you, your friend who'll sticketh closer than a brother, your provider, your way-maker, your everything...making you complete in HIM, so that you can be complete in your marriage...not lacking anything.

When your spouse come home this time for good, it will be right for GOD would have built you and your marriage according to HIS specifications, HIS time and your satisfaction!

When your spouse comes home for good this time, GOD has okayed it

When our spouse comes home this time for good, it shall be good!

When your spouse comes home "this time"...thank GOD and shout hallelujah...for the work has been finished;

you've endured your cross,

you've despised the shame,

you've hung through humiliation,


you've been nailed to the stake with your arms not able to help yourself and feet not able to take you where you needed to go,

you've lowered yourself by choosing "to go on the donkey'/this stand..when you could have well-ridden ona stylish and trendy horse/the way of the world standard about marriage...forget it and get on with your life (so to speak).

you've died so that your spouse could live. Yes, you died! You died to your the things that you could have done to get even, you died to the fact of not getting on with your life, to not getting going, but you died because you stayed and prayed and fasted and lasted until...your spouse came home!

When your spouse comes home this time, my prayer is that it is... during Easter...(Now that's only my prayer, I say...and not necessarily GOD'S timetable, but there's nothing like hoping and praying for it to be so that blessed time...when "death" meant not defeat but victory for all CHRISTIANS...)

But and if...your spouse does NOT arrive by Easter...which is the CHRISTIANS greatest hope of triumph, rest assured that your spouse shall surely come when he/she sees the living CHRIST HIMSELF or the CHRIST in you!

GOD bless and get ready for the CHRISTIANS greatest hope of triumph day...EASTER..the day HE rose, proved that nothing is too difficult for HIM...not even restoring a dead marriage!

I'll write and encourage you (so help me GOD) until GOD blesses me with my healed marriage and I will surely tell of how HE triumphed for husband and me in our ministry! Right now, I'll just rehearse the role of "a virtuous wife" so when he sees me, he'll see CHRIST and know for
certainty that I am...his GOD-given wife!

Hey, who's coming to my GOD-given, GOD-restored wedding?!

My love,

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