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Reverend S. L. Gardner

Spokane, Washington US

- He "remarried"! I didn't even know we were divorced! -

I feel led to share my experience with facing a husband entering into a non-covenant marriage, which happened a year ago. There had not been any prayer against a non-covenant marriage as I was unaware that the divorce had gone through. I found out when he called to tell me that he had done something (and interestingly enough he prefaced it with "and I hope it works out") and then he told me that he married the OW.

I freaked and screamed, "you did what?, I didn't even know we were divorced!!" and I pretty much forget how the phone call ended. Since I had been praying a hedge of thorns and many other prayers for him and the O.W. I surely had a hard time understanding how this could happen, and I even questioned what God was doing when He allowed this.

But even though I am still waiting for the "natural to catch up with the spiritual" in marriage restoration, I can look and see that a lot of restoration has taken place. To start with, I am writing this from an apartment that is connected to my in-laws home. This is an absolute miracle(there was a real and bitter rift caused by my covenant husband's justifications of his sins) and I can say that it was the non-covenant marriage that really helped to turn things around between us.

It was the non-covenant marriage that revealed the true condition of my covenant husband's heart and spirit. The situation has changed from a few years ago, where only one person (a sister-in-law) was standing with me now all but one in his family(brother-in-law and his wife) are supporting me and our children... and what's even more of a testimony to the power of God to change hearts... my mother-in-law appears to be believing and praying for restoration of our marriage. She is doing much to help us by watching the children while I work at a reduced rate; and we are renting their apartment as they needed a tenant and we needed a temporary place to live.

My father-in-law as well is actively assisting us with this move and with working with our children. I can honestly say that God has definitely turned his heart, as he once embraced the O.W.(2) and wanted nothing to do with me including openly avoiding me. He and I are in the process of building a new relationship that we were never able to do before.

I am thanking and praising God for His care and I pray that you can see His faithfulness in this testimony. I shared with my mother-in-law today that I was using this time to become the wife to her son that God prepare myself to be his create a peaceful home for his return... and she offered advice to add to my vision.

Praise the Lord, He changes hearts and restores relationships.

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