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Unbreakable Covenant

I wanted to share "in front of" all of you a huge praise for something God has done in my life!

In 1989 a doctor miraculously discovered a ganglion tumor in my throat that went from the base of my neck to within 1/2" of my brain. It was immeshed in/around the corotid artery and all of the nerves that control much of the right side of one's face and body. The surgery left my left vocal chord "permanently" (according to doctors) paralyzed. In fact, I don't think the doctors expected me to even be able to talk by the look on their faces at my first feeble whispers. For several months my voice was a very weak "East Indian/Swedish whisper." [kinda funny, huh?] As the years went by it did get a bit stronger but still always raspy with people often asking me if I was sick. For someone who was outgoing, loud, and often the center of attention, this was a huge adjustment. God was trying to get my attention but I was too head-strong to truly see what He was trying to do. I simply chalked it up to His answering my prayers to stop yelling at my children.

Around late 2001 I really began to desire to be able to sing again because it plays such an important part in my worship but it was an impossibility -- truly! It was like something blocking a tube and attempts to try to sing really hurt. I began to wish & pray that God would at least heal my voice just enough so I could sing praise & worship. This past summer when we went to Israel (another miracle from God), and visited the traditional site where the woman with the issue of blood was healed, I managed a few minutes alone in the area that her healing is believed to have happened. I quickly prayed for God's favor to be able to sing again and then pretty much forgot about it.

Although I will not be joining the worship team on stage (at least not yet *big grin*), tonight for the first time since my surgery, much to my own surpise and delight .... in a VERY deep, whispery bass, I sang for an audience of One. At first I was just thinking the song, then sorta humming it and then I realized I was hearing it. Then I thought, "hey, that's me! Oh my gosh, that's me!" I'm sure it was horribly off-key but it was definitely singing a joyful noise!!! And the song of the moment happened to be, "There is None Like You."

There truly is no God like our God -- there is none like Him. God is so amazing, gracoius and loving!!!!!! Please join me in praising our mighty and loving God for yet another miracle. He truly deserves all of our praise -- even when we can't sing.

Many blessings & deep gratitude to my Savior yet again,


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