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Hoping is hope in motion. It takes a righteous thing, holds it before the Father and says I will treasure this as much as You do.It takes what the world says is impossible and proves God is as good as His Word. It takes the incomplete and uses faith to add the finishing touches. Hoping has absolute trust in its Source.It is not influenced by circumstances nor by what others may think. It is not minimized through disappointments; in fact, it grows in value because of them.

Hoping stores up righteousness along the way. You can look at the path behind hoping and see, though crooked, it steadily heads toward the throne of God. It grows in knowledge as it matures. It reveals God's heart on the matter.

Hoping is not wishing for a chance; it is believing in an Assurance. It forsakes all that is in the way of its goal. Hoping is a truth that is not yet in its season. As it grows, it adds life and encouragement to its believer. It helps others along the way to its perfection.

Hoping is contentment with a seed of unrest. Contentment with the portion of the moment yet a seed that is unsettled until its fruit comes forth.

Hoping excavates the much-needed change that could not be performed any other way. It settles for nothing less than what is promised. And the pain of time is unworthy to be compared with the joy to be released. To hope is to choose life.

Duke Rohe

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