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- Help in Letting Go and Letting God -

"Laws of the spirit" great coaching piece by Dan Millman modified a bit by Duke

Law of Balance - find the middle way Your body and mind are always seeking balance Balance begins with breath. You don't work to keep it, but you sure know when you don't have it Notices your imbalances. They could be caused by habits, your weaknesses or your strengths Deliberately practice the opposite of what you are doing. A life running on autopilot loses out on the dynamics of balance Always return to the middle. Know your center.

Law of Choices - reclaim your power Decision are not made with words, but with actions Every action or inaction has consequence. We may not control the consequences, but we do control our choices Live with clear intention; creating your life. Grow it. Enjoy it as you go

Law of Process -- taking life step by step We can accomplish most goals by breaking them down to small, sure steps Worthwhile goals demand effort, risk, and sacrifice Create a process that yields small successes People rarely fail; they only stop trying Law of Presence - living in the moment The past and future are happening now as you make them Concerns about the past or future exist only in the imagination. Living in either of these places only robs you of the present

Law of Compassion - awakening humanity Forgive yourself and offer others the same compassion. Unforgiveness is a terrible taskmaster We are all doing the best within the limits of our beliefs and capacities. We are just all at different places. People do serious things for a reason; even if they don't know why You can only complete caring for yourself by caring someone else

Law of Faith - trusting Listen to the intuitive wisdom of the heart. It's wiser than head knowledge. Be willing to stretch yourself. For the perfectionist, make a few mistakes so you can learn from them Live with uncertainty. Without it, you don't have life Law of Expectation - expand reality Everything first appears as thought Your beliefs influence the choices you make. Your point of view determines what you see Bring negative expectations into the open What we focus on expands, so focus on solutions and not problems

Law of Integrity - live the truth Live in line with your highest vision. It had better God filtered Know yourself and be yourself Children have never been good at listening to parents, but they never fail in imitating them Law of Action - moving in life To act is to risk Accept your humanity, but don't use it as an excuse for not taking responsibility No one else can live for you. Some things you got to do yourself There is a time for action and a time for stillness

Law of Cycles - dancing to life's song Dance to the music of change Change is the only thing constant Enjoy each season of your life Cooperate fully in your own evolution. It is growing too Ride the energy of a rising cycle Daily life is your ripening process. Pick it too soon and you get bitter fruit

Law of Surrender - embracing a Higher will Accept yourself Learn to want what you get Relinquish attachment to a desired outcome. Joy is heaven given. Happiness is happenings driven

Law of Unity - remembering connection Choose how you will view your reality Choose to see others as an aspect of you Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become -

Jim Rohn Cliffnot

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