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Restoration Quick Hits

We generally do not like waiting. It usually means we are having to postpone something we want now.

Everyone likes resting in the spirit, for it restores the body and soul of well-spent energy.

For both waiting and resting, the circumstances could be the same and the duration may be the same.

God's desire is that we rest in the unfolding of His plan for our lives, not stand on the edge of the shores of what we want and impatiently wring our hands for our boat to come home.

* We often try to bring stability to our lives by calling out to God wanting six figure coordinates on where we are in His plan. We ask "Where am I?", and we get disappointed when the reply comes back "Where you are is here," This seems so inadequate until we understand "here" is where God is too. You treat "here" like a powerful stranger, alert and aware of all its facets, ready to do God's bidding in whatever happens.

* Sometimes our covenant commitment to God sounds like a contract. We say "Listen, life, if you do this thing for me in this amount of time, then I will stand for my marriage" God's committed to us, should we do any less? Isn't He worth it? As one pastor put it, "This is not Burger King, you can't have it your way"

* Don't fool yourself. If you see your life laid out in order front of you: A B C D, it is probably not your life. It may be your mother's or your father's life for you, but it is not yours. Life is not static. It is sort of a movement that shapes from moment to moment, too magnificent to be contained by a preset structure. The questions you asked ten years ago were much to small for the answers your life is presenting today. Your future will be that much more grand.

* Stop treating life like a wishing well, throwing your coins in, hoping God will notice one of them. Jump into the well with Him and let Him show you His Spirit which never runs dry.

* We try to develop a stealth technology hoping to get off life's radar so that it won't hurt us. Life Happens. So rely on Jesus as the Savior of your soul to equip you for every good work and watch things turn around. You will actually become the aggressor for the Kingdom and take back that which fear has robbed you of all these years.

* G-R-O-W-I-N-G,

Duke Rohe

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