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- Reality Check -

Preface - Last night I was talking to a friend. One who originally didn't believe in Standing and in fact encouraged my husband to "get it over with" meaning coming back from Texas and pursuing the divorce (which he did). Our friendship was "ended" at her request. We didn't talk for over a year as God worked on her. Now she and I are restored and she is an avid supporter. God restored our hopelessly broken relationship and completely and I mean completely changed her mind/heart. BUT that's not what I'm writing about. Please bear with me as this is important.

My friend has been a Pastors secretary in several churches in the nearly 20 years I've known her. I asked her a point blank question last night knowing she would give me an honest answer.

I asked her if she'd ever seen a situation where the person didn't repent and they didn't suffer negative consequences. She thought for a minute and said NO. She said that although it might take time she had NEVER seen people who are in outright disobedience to Gods laws end up in anything but disaster. That was her word... disaster. She also said she'd never seen anyone whose continued in marital sin end up blessed or "happy". She said even if it looked like the "next marriage" was happy she would see these "happy" couples in the reality of behind the scenes in the church. She said the "happy" usually was a facade because of their own pride. The were making the best of a bad situation and putting the best face on their misery that they could.

I know there are testimonies of people who have "gone on" to another marriage and are happy and prospering. The reality of that is - there are laws concerning the establishment of covenant and marriage. These laws may have come into play with those RARE happy couples. The REALITY is that those who "go on" do NOT end up in happy relationships to the largest degree. Secular divorce statistics bear that out.

My friend also said this, "as long as you keep praying for C___ (my husband) I know God will keep actively working on him." She quickly followed that with a statement that God would want his repentance anyway but from her actual observations she knew that when someone was praying there was an intensity, a difference she couldn't put into words.

I asked how many "cases" of this sort she'd seen. She hesitated and answered, "many - too many". She used the following words for people who don't repent and continue in disobedience, she has observed - disaster - destruction - decay and sickness and even death.

Last fall I was witness to a long term rebel who just couldn't completely repent. He would become remorseful and then slide back. It took 15 years but finally this man was brought to the point of repentance and God took him home 2 hours later. Yes he died. God in His mercy knew this man would fall again and took him home, freeing his wife from the ups and downs of a horrid covenant marriage. Was this bad? No. Was it Gods perfect will? No and I say that because this man had the potential to be a tremendous power for good. But he didn't treat his wife correctly and would be stopped in ministry and business every time he fell back to not treating her well.

Now before you start praying for this to end your struggles let me tell you something. When your heart is loving towards your spouse releasing even their lives into Gods hands is done with great grief. It is the release of any hope you might have for a restored happy time with your spouse. It is completely giving over the dream/hope of the future to God in order to assure your beloveds eternal place in heaven. This kind of prayer is NOT motivated by wanting your own pain to end. That is a selfish prayer that will backfire. Coming to the place where we can love our spouses to the death of our own desires is a higher love.

As Christ gave up His life for us, let us lay down our "lives" - our personal hopes, dreams and goals for our spouses in favor of their eternal salvation and place in heaven. Christ's work from the beginning of the walk of tears at the garden to Calvary was done so that we could live. He did it knowing we still had the free will choice to reject the gift of love he was STANDING for.

As long as an intercessor prays there is hope. Jesus and YOU agree so don't give up hope.

Easter is not a Biblical holiday but Jesus work of redemption is real and actively working in every situation today.

God bless us all. Heal us Lord in body mind and spirit and make US the wives and husbands YOU want US to be so that we can be all You'd have us be for our beloved rebels. We call upon the forces of heaven to go against the forces of hell the world and the flesh to bring our families into complete restoration in Jesus Name.


Jesus said, "Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about whatever (Anything and everything) they may ask, it WILL come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven." (amp) "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it SHALL be done for them of my Father which is in heaven." (kjv) Matthew 18:19.

Be careful how you "touch" your spouse and your own life. Be careful of the "agreement" you come into with others especially in your "down" times.

Now according to the Word of God in Deuteronomy 28 I speak blessings on you in the Name of Jesus.

Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

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