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Restoration 101 - Syllabus


COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course, the student will hopefully learn how to stand for their covenant marriage. Aspects of the stand will be written on the heart of the student and he/she will grow to a point of knowing the Lord's will for his/her life and growing in HIS image. By the end of this course, the student should be ready to receive the restoration that God has waiting for them.

COURSE FORMAT: Because of the nature of this course, instruction will be based on independent study. Each student is responsibly for his or her own progress in the course. With this being the case, the length of the course will be specifically tailored to the needs of the student and the instructor's evaluation of the student's progress.



a. Don't Panic: Your spouse has left, or has threatened to. Don't panic, Rest in HIM

b. Turn a tragedy into an opportunity: The Lord has given you an opportunity to grow. Rather than dwell on your situation, use this time to grow in your knowledge and relationship with God.

c. Give God everything: Give HIM your marriage, your family, your children, everything about you. Hold nothing back. Learn to let God take care of you while you are in the course and you will carry this ability on for the rest of your life


a. Come to God daily: Schedule time to come talk to God, He is there for you. His office hours are constant, and you can come at any time, day or night.

b. Read the Word: God has given all the answers for every trial and temptation you will experience, read HIS word, every test will be open book. When the test or trial comes, just open HIS book, and you will find the answers

c. Worship: Your spirit will be downcast, your soul will hurt. During these times, open up your heart and worship HIM. He will give you rest.

d. Thanksgiving: During the course, God will be working many hours in HIS office on your behalf. Much of this you will not know about, but it is a part of God's promise to you. Thank him for his behind the scene efforts to work on your behalf.


a. "Greater love hath no person than to lay their life down for a friend." Your spouse is your friend. God asks that you intercede on behalf of your prodigal spouse. Lay your life down for them in prayer. You will never know how much you love someone until you love them on your knees.

b. The number one priority of your intercessory prayer should be that your prodigal's heart is softened to God, and that they turn their life over to God. If they are not saved, pray for salvation.

c. Secondly, bind them to God's perfect will. God has a will and a plan for their life.

d. Thirdly, pray a hedge of protection around them so they will be guarded from temptation.

e. Fourth, pray that the Lord will guide them back to you and your children if you have children. God is a God of restoration and he will honor your prayer.

f. Lastly, pray a hedge of thorns around them, use Hosea 2:6-7 as a guide on this. This hedge of thorns is to keep them from other relationships. Students often make the mistake of making this the #1 priority. This however, is incorrect. Placing this first focuses not on the condition of their soul, but rather on their flesh. This would also be related to your flesh and your desire for sexuality as well as an indication of the presence of jealousy. This indicates a selfish heart and motive. Pray the hedge of thorns around them, but love would dictate that their relationship with God be of foremost importance.


a. If you're going to pray the above, then you must trust that the Lord will fulfill his word.

b. God will never leave or forsake you, remember that, ingrain it into your soul.

c. Excessive worrying will hinder your growth and shows a lack of trust in the Lord.


a. You cannot change your spouse... Let God have it all (Review Lesson 1, section C)

b. The most fertile soil is in the valley. In this valley of your life, let God grow something good in you.

c. As you allow God to change you, your spouse will see these changes. If done properly, this will eventually draw your spouse to you.

d. Circumstances will be good, and bad. Do not focus on these, rather focus on the Lord. When you focus on circumstances, then the quality of your walk with God will go up and down with the situation. This is not the Lord's will. If your focus is on God, then your walk will be growing despite the circumstances, and your trust in HIS works will increase.


a. Above all things, LOVE your spouse. His word says, "love never fails." Take this opportunity to study 1 Corinthians chapter 13.

b. In all interaction with your spouse, demonstrate unconditional love. Do nothing out of selfishness. If you find you are unable to say something in total agape love, then keepeth thy mouth shut!

c. Do not blame. Putting blame on your spouse will push them away from you. Do all things out of love. At times you may feel angry, but in your anger, do not sin.

d. True Christ like love keeps no record of wrongs. You MUST forgive to avoid a bitter heart and anger. True forgiveness means letting go of the past hurts. Scars will remain, this is unavoidable, but God can heal the wounds. He will apply the balm of Gilead to your soul.


a. Your hope comes from me, not from anything in this world.

b. Recognize that your are in covenant with your spouse. God honors his covenant regardless of what man says.


a. At the end of this course, your marriage will be restored. Give God all the honor, glory and praise

b. Testify of his works to others as a blessing and testimony to HIS power.


a. Restoration is not the end of your stand. You must stand for your marriage for the rest of your life.

b. Take the concepts learned during this course, and live by them forever. If you forget these principles once restored, you can find yourself once again with a prodigal or a bad relationship.


September 20th is God's holy Day of Atonement. Allow God to search your heart during this day. Traditionally, this is a time of fasting from 5:00PM on Sunday the 19th through 5:00PM on Sunday the 20th. Use this time as a time of self-reflection and repentance. Allow God to work in your life.

I pray this course is a blessing to you. If your learn and follow all the instructions and lessons in this course, you will find this time in your life to be a rich blessing as it results in a relationship with God closer than you ever know, and a marriage, once restored, that will rival anything you ever thought possible. God Bless you as you continue on this journey.

Syllabus prepared by David C


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