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Unbreakable Covenant

Subject:Treacherous Waters

Hi Friends,


I have a prayer request.. I have two co-workers, one female and one male both married to different spouses. My co-workers are falling for each other, and get this they think God has brought them together because they are soul-mates. Egad!!


I am on a friendly basis with the female and I have tried talking to her till I am blue in the face. Right now however her judgment is so clouded by the enemy she cannot see straight. My prayer is that the Lord God Almighty break the ties these two people have for each other and put love in their hearts for the own spouses, and/or please pray as the Spirit leads.



**** REPLY from Rev. Sandy ****


I was struck with this term "soul mate" that has become such a buzz word. My goodness for any Christian to consider someone to be their God given spouse on the basis of SOUL is ludicrous but even Pastors have become desensitized to this horrific phrase.


Think of this.  The soul is the mind the will and the emotions.  Now if you let your emotions rule your mind and conform your will to be in agreement to the rest of your soul where is God?  Answer --- NOWHERE!  We are absolutely forbidden to make our decisions by our own reasoning and our emotions.  My goodness!  God I ask that you crush the sinful efforts of the flesh that is disguised with this cleaned up word "soul mate". Gosh how sanitized we become to the very words of sin that can bring conviction. 


I pray for ---- that the Lord will send mighty warriors to aid her, wisdom beyond her own to minister and favor with these two people who are already out of Gods Will running head long into satans trap for their eternal destruction.  Lord SAVE AND REDEEM I pray in Your Holy Name Amen.


Father cause my way to please YOU I pray in Jesus Name. Proverbs 16:7 When a man's ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.


Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner


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