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Reverend S. L. Gardner

Spokane, Washington US

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Standers Support Ministries

The great Lion of Judah is the champion of our marriages Our Lords rod and staff comforts us corrects us and guides us King of Kings and Lord of Lords

We honor Gods covenant of marriage and support all ministries and individuals that uncompromisingly declare marriage as sacred and lifetime in duration.

This ministry believes in promoting those who are supportive of marriage restoration.  Although we may have different opinions on some of the details of the stand, all of us believe that God WILL restore covenant marriage. Do not let any divergent opinions concerning covenant stop you from doing what you believe God has told you to do.

Seek the Lord for your personal source of peace. God's Peace - Shalom - Shalom is not the lack of trouble, it is the peace that passes all understanding.

Standing Together Prayer, Fasting and Support Group

This is an interactive prayer and support group for those standing for their marriages or for those who stand in agreement with Standers.

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